With the start of the 2014 SEC football season just 17 days away, we thought it was about time to make our SEC predictions for the season.  But in doing so, we wanted to provide something slightly different than just a table with the East's and West's teams listed in predicted order of finish.  For that reason, we've also put on our "The Worst That Can Happen" goggles and projected why each team will fail to live up to fan expectations -- if it fails to live up to expectations.  

In other words, what you'll find below is our best analysis (guess) at how each team will perform in 2014 as well as that team's worst possible Achilles' heel.

With that in mind...


East Division

Finish School Potential Achilles' Heel
1 Georgia   Hutson Mason isn't Aaron Murray and the record-breaking quarterback will be missed.
2 S. Carolina   USC lost an all-time talismanic star (Jadeveon Clowney, Connor Shaw) on both sides of the ball.
3 Florida   It's asking a lot for a new coordinator and a new offense to save a coach's job in his first year.
4 Missouri   Who the heck exactly is new starting quarterback Maty Mauk supposed to throw to?
5 Vanderbilt   James Franklin maxed out Vandy's talent, but he decided to get while the gettin' was good.
6 Tennessee   Teams don't turn over their entire offensive and defensive lines in the SEC and survive.
7 Kentucky   Lots of athletic newcomers, but freshmen tend to hit walls late in seasons (ask Ole Miss).


West Division 

Finish School Potential Achilles' Heel
1 Alabama   Bama's overdue for an unproven quarterback situation to actually take a turn for the worse.
2 Auburn   The Tigers won by hook and by crook last season, but the breaks won't all go their way in 2014.
3 Ole Miss   Bo Wallace will revert to the erratic turnover-machine that frustrated Hugh Freeze in 2012.
4 LSU   After losing so many players early to the NFL, the Tigers' just have too much youth on the two-deep.
5 Texas A&M   Johnny Manziel's insane athleticism covered up a lot of ills on defense and bum plays on offense.
6 Miss. State   The expectations have grown far too high for Dak Prescott, a player who went 4-3 as a starter last year.
7 Arkansas   It's going to take time for Bret Bielema to turn over a roster built for a completely different style of play.


SEC Championship Game prediction: Georgia over Alabama.  The Bulldogs and Mark Richt are due for a break-catching, injury-free season in 2014.  (Of course, we wrote much the same that last year, too.)