SEC commissioner Mike Slive kicks off the first of four days of soundbites, tweets and hype for the SEC Network today in Hoover, Alabama.  SEC Media Days 2014 is expected to be the biggest such event ever (it's guaranteed to be the longest after expanding from three days to four).

Auburn, Florida and Vanderbilt -- their coaches and players -- will follow Slive.  One of those schools has already created a mini-controversy even before the commish steps to the podium.  Following his recent citation for pot possession, AU quarterback Nick Marshall has been yanked from the Tigers' talk line-up.  Rather than let him say, "Sorry," in front of the cameras, Auburn has chosen to hide him... which only guarantees that his teammates will be asked about it.

We'll have rapid reactions following each big speech.  We'll also bring you any breaking news from Hoover, just as we have for the last six years.  While you'll be sure to read plenty of positives about how your own coach fared, we've become a bit more jaded toward the SEC's hypefest.  Be warned, that cynicism might pop up in our coverage.

(Vandy fans, due to a meeting scheduled for late in the afternoon, the "rapid reaction" to Derek Mason might not be so rapid.  Please refrain from sending in the "You hate Vandy" emails as any delays will only be due to the SEC's loose Media Days schedule and a previously scheduled business meeting.)