New SEC Network analyst Greg McElroy says what he thinks.  At SEC Media Days, he picked LSU to beat Alabama head to head this season.  During a radio show last month, he said that Les Miles has done a wonderful job, but Nick Saban is the one who created the "mindset" in Baton Rouge necessary for sustained success.

The former comment ticked off Bama fans who used social media to let their ex-BCS-title-winning quarterback know that no former Tide player should ever give an honest opinion and pick against the Red Elephants.  The latter comment ticked off Miles.

Now, for years we've joked about Miles' use of the English language.  He's smart and witty, but also sounds like a guy who uses one of those "Learn A New Word Everyday" calendars.  There was once a website dedicated to his bizarro quotes.  And we've said he sounds a bit like Damon Wayans' Oswald Bates character:



Well, Miles was at it again this week on ESPN's "Numbers Never Lie" show.  Face to face with McElroy, LSU's coach let the ex-QB know -- as only the Mad Hatter could -- that the Tigers' victories should be attributed to the guys who achieved them, not the guy who left a decade ago:



"I wanna give you one point, too, about winning," he said leaning toward McElroy (who must've known he was about to get blasted).  "Winning is a thing that is inherent with how you were raised.  It's something you carry with you for a lifetime.  And to pretend that it's brought or deposited at a place and left, it is not.  It is always carried with the participants of the people that are there.  Period.  Just in discussion."

A stunned ESPN crew gave him applause and McElroy awkwardly joined his colleagues in their mini-cheer.

Odd.  Bizarre.  Quintessential Miles.