So you've got somewhere you want to go.  But you find construction barrels along the way.  Suddenly you're slowed down.  Or you're re-routed.  Or both.

Yeah, it stinks.  And it's not just an issue when you're driving.

As many of you have noticed, our load times are a bit longer and our look has changed a bit.  That's because we're now the property of the good folks at FanVsFan.  And the switchover of five years of content from one group of servers to another group of servers -- and from one design to another design -- was guaranteed to cause a few glitches.

We apologize!  Two teams of internet commandos are now working on things and everything should be back to normal shortly.  We hope you'll be patient with us. 

In the end, you'll have the same content coming your way from the same folks with an improved look, better mobile viewing, and more.

Many thanks for being understanding.  Construction stinks for everyone -- you and us!

-- The Crew