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John Pennington

The man with the plan, John dreamed up and somehow convinced the rest of this awesome crew to take part. He’ll be the guy bringing you every story from across the SEC every day, which, admittedly, sounded easier back in the planning stages. John’s a 7-time Emmy Award winner and produces and hosts The Sports Source, a TV show that can be watched on the Tennessee page of this here website. (There was no real reason to mention the Emmys other than the fact that John’s ego is the size of Utah. Not true, it’s really more the size of Rhode Island.) Contact him at

Josh Ward

Our recruiting guru, Josh’s mug can be found in the dictionary beside the term, “sucker.” Who else would agree to try to keep tabs on 12 schools’ recruiting efforts? That’s like agreeing to wrestle otters in a fish-filled speedo. The man is our Atlas (the globe-lifting dude, not a road map). He’s also been working in sports talk radio since he was a zygote. Seriously.

Mike Mitchell

The business end of our operation, Mike’s the man to contact ( if you have any advertising or business questions for us. Or if you want to buy the site for a couple million or so. You see, we also own the domains for MrBig10, MrPac10, MrNotreDame, and so on and so on. So millions really are in order. Wait, this has turned into a big ad, hasn’t it? Anyway, Mike’s our business guy. Just don’t let him show you what he calls “the business end of HIS operation.”

Malt Shovel Media

The multimedia business that John and Mike put together while sipping Carling Extra Colds and smoking Montecristos at The Malt Shovel pub in Edinburgh. Combined, they are involved in newspaper, radio, television and now internet. Next up for Malt Shovel Media? Laser-projected programming on the surface of the moon.

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