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Add One More 4-Star To LSU’s Haul; So Here Are Our Final Class Rankings


Oklahoma City defensive end Deondre Clark has finally signed his letter of intent and, yes, he really did sign with LSU.  After a pair of weather delays — and what was assumed to be a late push by Bob Stoops and Oklahoma — Clark finally put pen to paper last night.

We had already counted Clark as being in LSU’s signing day fold when calculating our official Class Rankings last week.  So nothing on our Big Board has changed.

Still, as a reminder, here’s our final breakdown of the 2014 SEC signing classes:


  MrSEC Rank   School   Quantity   Quality   High-End Prospects   Total Points
  1   Alabama   2   1   1   4
  2   Tennessee   1   5   2   8
  3   LSU   5   2   3   10
  4   Auburn   7   4   4   15
  5t   Florida   4   7   5   16
  5t   Texas A&M   8   3   5   16
  7   Kentucky   3   9   8   20
  8   Georgia   10   6   5   21
  9   Ole Miss   5   10   10   25
  10   S. Carolina   11   8   8   27
  11t   Arkansas   12   11   11   34
  11t   Missouri   9   12   13   34
  13   Miss. State   13   12   13   38
  14   Vanderbilt   14   14   11   39


And if you’re wondering how we arrived at those scores, check here.




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