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Don’t Expect The Spurrier/Swinney Barbs To Stop Flying

spurrier-swinneySteve Spurrier takes an awful lot of shots at Clemson.  Hell, Spurrier takes shots at just about everybody when he’s winning, but the cross-state Tigers have become his favorite target in recent years.  A five-game winning streak over your rival will put a little added wind in your sails, after all.

Though he’s been on the short end of the USC/CU rivalry, Tiger coach Dabo Swinney fires his own share of barbs back towards Columbia.  Both coaches popped off after their schools’ bowl wins this year.  First, Spurrier said winning the Capital One Bowl was almost as good as winning the state championship.  Swinney then collected his squad’s Orange Bowl trophy and said it was great to be the first school from the Palmetto State to win a BCS bowl.

Spurrier had a little more fun at Clemson’s expense on Saturday when he reminded fans at a Carolina basketball game — as if they needed reminding — that the Gamcocks had won five in a row against the Tigers.  Afterward, the Ol’ Ball Coach was asked why he throws so many barbs toward Clemson.  His take:


“I don’t think we throw much.  I think y’all (in the press) blow that up.  Obviously, our fans love beating Clemson.  The old-time Gamecock fans suffered for years and years, as we all know.  So they’re enjoying it.  They should enjoy it.  They’ve been on the short (end of the) stick most of the time.  I’m talking to our people.  I’m not talking just to talk.  It’s for our people.  It’s not for the other school’s people.

When Dabo talks, it’s for his people.  It doesn’t bother me.  I can assure you.  That’s what we do in the offseason.  We have to talk a little bit.  I’m talking to the Gamecocks.  The other people shouldn’t listen to me.”


Sounds good.  But here’s the rub for any Carolina fan nodding in agreement — That means you can’t complain or get angry over anything Swinney says about USC.  Think you can just ignore the Tiger coach’s barbs?  If not, then Spurrier’s “I’m just talking to my people” defense doesn’t carry much weight.

Also, Spurrier’s been known to pay attention to what other coaches are saying about him.

Is it all fun and games?  Sure.  But Spurrier and his fans should know full well that barbs of any kind will most certainly be heard by rival coaches and rival fans.  And here’s guessing Spurrier enjoys the heck out of that fact, too.



I am a Carolina grad and fan and don't really disagree with what you said. I do think you can't really discuss this topic without at the same time mentioning the childish, 10 minute video taped rant that Dabo had a couple years back when it was pretty well proven that he planned it and seeded the journalist that asked the question that began his rant. Talk about childish trash talk (USC is in CA and Carolina is in Chapel Hill, etc). Spurrier makes comments about actually beating Clem5on. Dabo makes comments that are immature 5th grade smack talk because he can't actually beat Carolina. 

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