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Mizzou’s Pinkel Isn’t Campaigning For A BCS Title Game Slot

gfx - they said itMissouri’s Gary Pinkel finds himself in a Catch-22.  If he begins campaigning for his Tigers to move up at least three slots in the BCS standings — to land in the national championship game — he might take his team’s focus off a pretty big ball game this weekend.  But if he doesn’t beat the Mizzou drum, his team could locked out of the national title game even if it beats Auburn in Saturday’s SEC Championship Game.

So what’s Pinkel plan to do?


“We’ve got to play and take care of our own business.  That’s what we do.  Probably all those other teams they’re talking about have won national championships before and we haven’t.  New kid on the block or whatever it is, I don’t know.  That doesn’t faze me.  I just want to win the football game (on Saturday)…

I’m not very good at beating the drum.”


Meanwhile, Tiger AD Mike Alden is doing a bit more drumming than his coach.  “We believe the SEC, and I think we can all speak to that, is the toughest conference in America.  There’s no doubt about that.  You have to be able to take a look at the entire body of work.  The BCS is what it is.  For the last year, they’re going to decide who the #1 and the #2 is.  Whoever that ends up being, it’s great that Mizzou is in the conversation.

As we pointed out in a blind comparison of the top five BCS teams yesterday, Missouri at #5 is probably the most under-appreciated team in the bunch.



Coach Pinkel needs to focus on Saturday-simple fact of the matter is we, Mizzou, have not won a conference championship in football since 1969.  Winning the SEC Championship is what we can control and still go to the Sugar Bowl.


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