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Texas A&M’s Manziel Catches A Concert… Big Whoop

During the offseason, Texas A&M Heisman-winner Johnny Manziel was omnipresent.  He was at ballgames.  He was at concerts.  He was at parties.  And he was tweeting darn near every bit of it.

Not surprisingly, his Twitter account exploded with new followers.  The media started paying attention to his summer of fun.  Then folks started to wonder how he paid for this and paid for that.  Texas A&M’s compliance department had to ask Manziel about every jetsetting trip.  Then came the “mutual decision” for him to leave he Manning Passing Academy.  And then came the autograph charges that eventually cost him one half of one game due to NCAA suspension.

At the height of Manziel Mania we wrote that the QB would help his pro stock by laying off social media and becoming a hermit for the season.  For the most part, that’s exactly what he’s done this season.  And, no, we didn’t expect him to actually keep things on the QT.

Well, on Tuesday night in San Antonio, Johnny Football took in a concert by his buddy, Drake.  He had a photo snapped with OB O’Brien, a rapper from Drake’s entourage.  Manziel posted the picture on Instagram.  It’s now popping up in the places like The Dallas Morning News:




We get it.  He’s still a celeb.  And this is the same kind of action he repeatedly took last spring and summer.

But we say cut the guy the some slack.  He’s kept his nose clean and his profile low since A&M’s football season started.  He’s been a model citizen and anything but a distraction for his team.  His play has improved and he’s done exactly what he set out to do — run less and pass more effectively.

Manziel is certainly feeding his detractors by posting anything at all, but he’s proven over the past three months that he can put team before self and football before fame.  That will go a long with NFL general managers next spring.

So give the kid a break.  He cut loose for a night.

He’s earned it.




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