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SEC Hoops Tonight — 11/18/13

basketballsJust four games on the SEC slate tonight…


Southern at Florida — 7:00pm ET on Sunshine Network

The Citadel at Tennessee — 7:00pm ET

Stillman at Alabama — 8:00pm ET on ESPN3

SMU at Arkansas — 8:00pm ET



Arkansas plays tonight. 

John at MrSEC
John at MrSEC moderator


Had someone ask for an SEC basketball schedule every day so they wouldn't have to look it up.  So I started posted one, using the SEC's official website for speed... ESPN want tell you the television listings for games they don't carry.  The SEC's site didn't list Tennessee or Arkansas as playing tonight.

So, sorry, but this is just 30 minutes of wasted time to look up all the games and post the schedule for people.  You guys can look it up as quickly as I can.


And thanks for the correction.



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