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SEC Gameday Links: Saturday Night Lights 11/16/2013

gameday linksFlorida at South Carolina

1. “Will the former head ball coach really try to stick it to the struggling Gators today if he can? Well, duh. Of course he will.”

2. As this game kicks off, the Auburn-Georgia game should be ending.  Will the Gamecocks be scoreboard watching?

3. Ending the Gators four-game SEC losing streak could be in the hands of redshirt freshman quarterback Skyler Mornhinweg who has yet to play a down at Florida.

4. How good has South Carolina quarterback Connor Shaw been?  He’s one of only three quarterbacks in the country with double-digit passing touchdowns and just one interception.

Alabama at Mississippi State

5. Victory tonight by Alabama means the Crimson Tide will enter the Iron Bowl undefeated.

6. Three ways Mississippi State can make this a close game.

7. Mississippi State has played the No. 1 team six times in its history. In 1980, the Bulldogs beat No. 1 Alabama 6-3.

8. Dak Prescott or Tyler Russell? Uncertainty at quarterback for Mississippi State.




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