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As Tennessee And Georgia Prepare To Clash, Dooley Talks About His Job Change

derek-dooley-cowboysNot long after receiving his walking papers from Tennessee, Derek Dooley received a job offer from Dallas Cowboy head coach Jason Garrett.  Garrett and Dooley had worked together on Nick Saban’s staff with the Miami Dolphins.  Dooley was offered a job coaching the Cowboys’ receivers and he took it.

Now, with Tennessee and Georgia set to clash this weekend, the former Vol coach has opened up about transitioning from UT to the NFL:


“I did what most coaches do.  They get rid of the old gear and put on the new gear, so I’m wearing the blue and silver and the Dallas star.  I’m enjoying anonymity.  That’s probably the best thing about it… I’m used to talking to 30 people a day for five days a week (at Tennessee).  Now I get one about every three months…

(We didn’t leave) Knoxville because we didn’t like Knoxville.  It’s always a tricky dynamic.  There’s a lot of coaches that stay and I think it’s hard on the family and it’s hard certainly on the coach.  It’s harder to get going with your life when you’re constantly surrounded.  You know how it is?  No matter who’s the coach, there’s going to be a lot of criticism of the former coach, but that’s OK.”


Dooley — who’s received plenty of criticism for the bare cupboard he left Butch Jones at Tennessee — knows his parents won’t have as much trouble watching this year’s Vol/Bulldogs game with him off the sideline.

“It probably won’t be difficult for them to not like orange again.”




I see Derek Dooley did not offer to give that monthly check he is receiving from Tennessee for the next 4 years for doing absolutely nothing back. What a piece of work.  He makes Lane Kiffin look like a great coach and a great person. Mike Hamilton was the most  incompetent Athletic Director in history and should have to pay for the  Derek Dooley buyout out of his own pocket.


Agreed about Hamilton, but Dooley wasn't merely incompetent.  He was an a$$hole--he alienated former players, current administrators, boosters, and coaches with his narcissistic, controlling, obsessive-compulsive personality.  Being incompetent is one thing, but scorching the earth with your insufferable arrogance in a business premised on relationship-building is another.  Dooley isn't merely a crappy coach, he is a terrible person.  The esteem in which Vince is held should be lessened by the fact that he raised such an unspeakable jerk of a son.  And of course we always knew Barbara was a loudmouthed idiot.  Dooley and Jerry Jones are cut from the same cloth and deserve each other.


as a vol grad, i don't blame dooley.  he is what he is.  unfortunately, that didn't include packing the gear to be a head coach in the sec.  if history is any guide, he was lacking in the wac as well.  other than his last name, he had zero credentials for the tennessee spot.  if finebaum wonders why kiffen qualified for the usc job, what must he wonder about dooley?  the answer is that both dooley and kiffen owed their hires at tennessee to an athletic director with even less qualification for his job.  however long tennessee athletics exist, i hope to god that it never experiences that level of incompetence again.

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