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SEC Stats: Who Feels The Need For Speed?

mrsec stat analysis newHalfway through the 2013 football season, it’s time to take a closer look at each SEC squad’s style of play.  And by style of play, we mean tempo.  And by tempo, we mean just exactly how many seconds each team allows to elapse between offensive snaps.

Below are the up-to-date numbers for each of the league’s 14 schools.  We’ve also included the numbers from our last look-see into this area back on September 18th, exactly one month ago.  From there you can see who’s sped things up and who’s slowed things down as the season has worn on.

Remember the current number is in the fourth column and the old number is in the fifth column:


Need For Speed (Seconds of Possession per Offensive Snap)

  School   Secs/Poss   Off. Snaps   Secs/Snap   Secs/Snap on 9/18
  Ole Miss   9889   457   21.63   21.19
  Texas A&M   10366   464   22.34   20.69
  Auburn   10278   420   24.47   23.78
  Missouri   11098   453   24.49   23.33
  Tennessee   10352   406   25.49   27.04
  Georgia   11189   438   25.54   27.67
  Kentucky   9344   361   25.88   23.64
  Vanderbilt   10474   398   26.31   26.43
  S. Carolina   11740   438   26.80   26.57
  LSU   12493   452   27.63   27.97
  Miss. State   12134   429   28.28   28.63
  Arkansas   12745   448   28.44   30.81
  Alabama   12163   392   31.02   30.83
  Florida   13347   417   32.00   31.89


Some quick — no pun intended — observations:


*  Gus Malzahn is one of the masters of the hurry-up system and he’s said that he wants Auburn to run the fastest offense in the country.  To date, AU has only the third-fastest offense in the SEC.  Chalk that up to a pair of first-year starters at quarterback as well as a change in schemes for all the Tigers’ returnees.

*  Huge Freeze gets the Roadrunner Award for getting a snap out of his offense once every 21.63 seconds, tops in the league.  Bo Wallace — now in his second year in the system — deserves some credit on that front as well.

*  SEC sophomores Texas A&M and Missouri both rank in the top four for speed.  Gary Pinkel’s bunch has hurried things up this year while Kevin Sumlin’s crew has simply continued at the breakneck pace they put in place last season.

*  Toward the bottom of the SEC, you just won’t see many offenses slower than those at Alabama and Florida.  And the Gators take almost a full second longer to snap the ball than the Tide.  Brent Pease’s offense — under the direction of Will Muschamp one must assume — is a football version of basketball’s old four-corners style.

*  Interestingly, there’s no real correlation to be found between the speed at which a team runs its offense and overall wins.  The five speediest teams in the league (Ole Miss, Texas A&M, Auburn, Missouri and Tennessee) are a combined 22-8 on the season.  At the bottom of the table, the five slowest teams in the SEC (LSU, Mississippi State, Arkansas, Alabama and Florida) are a combined 22-10.



This may have been done but seeing as how some tempo teams stretch the field while others mainly throw five yards and look for yards after the catch a comparison of yards per completetion and seconds per snap would be interesting.


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