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Saban Not Happy With Alabama Fans Leaving Early


Is this the kind of thing that could drive a man to leave Alabama for Texas?  (Pause for gasps.)  Probably not.

Still, Nick Saban is a little PO’d at the large number of Crimson Tide fans who vamoosed from Bryant-Denny Stadium before the end of Bama’s 52-0 rout of Arkansas last weekend.  The coach voiced his PO’edness yesterday:


“I’ve talked about players playing for 60 minutes in the game and competing for 60 minutes in the game.  And, in some kind of way, everybody that chooses to go to the game should stay there and support the team for the game…

Maybe if you’re not interested in doing that, you should let someone else go who would really like to go because I have a lot of people who want to go.”


Zing.  And that is the kind of statement only a coach with multiple BCS titles can make.  Let’s see Dan Mullen or Will Muschamp float a comment like that and see what the response is.

Saban sees the early exits as a hindrance to UA recruiting.  “We have lots of recruits there, we like to see an enthusiastic, full stadium,” he said.  “We have a beautiful stadium and one of the nicest venues in all of college football and I think we all should show our appreciation for it by staying and supporting our team for the whole game.”


UPDATE — The second link from the above story takes you to Michael Casagrande’s story on this subject at  The photo is from Mr. Casagrande’s report as well.



At least the Alabama fans showed up for an expected blowout over Arkansas. LSU had 15,000 'fans' no show for Florida. WWSD if he were still in Baton Rouge?


I hate to tell you, but with a 52-0 score, do you think anybody's gonna say "Hey, I think Arkansas will come back & beat Alabama"?

Lots of sports have fans leave when it's an obvious blowout.


Saban doesn't like anyone telling him anything, yet he wants to tell us poor people who spend hard earned money how long we have to stay at a football game? KMA Saban.


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