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Richt Sees A Lot Of Similarities Between His Georgia Team And Florida; Talks Up Gators

gfx - they said itThis weekend Georgia will attempt to win its third in a row over longtime rival Florida.  If the Bulldogs are successful it will mark the first streak of that length from the Dawgs since they topped the Gators in 1987, ’88 and ’89.

Looking ahead to Saturday’s matchup, Mark Richt sees some obvious similarities between the two teams.  “Both of us lost a game out of conference and then lost the last two games,” UGA’s coach said.  “Both teams have had a lot of injury issues an both are fighting to try to stay in the race for the East.  There are a lot of similarities in that regard.”

As any good coach would, Richt also took some time to talk up Saturday’s foe:


“They are very good on special teams, they’ve been tremendous on defense and offensively they are kind of a smashmouth team that will take their shots on you.  They are just a very good football team.  We are looking forward to going to Jacksonville.  I’m not quite sure what the weather hold.  As of right now it’s supposed to be rainy and windy, so we’ll see how that affects the game if that happens.”


Currently there’s a 50% chance of showers during the game.

Richt isn’t the only one who sees similarities between the two squads.  Florida quarterback Tyler Murphy weighed in on the topic as well.  “Both teams probably expected to be undefeated or have a better record coming into this game.  But both teams still have high hops of finishing the season off well.  It’s kind of like a one-game playoff.”





As a Mizzou fan, we want Georgia in this game. My scenario is Mizzou, South Carolina and Georgia all finish 6-2 in the Conference. Mizzou wins the Conference via the complicated tie break rules.


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