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Tossing Taunts And Touchdowns, Johnny’s Back; A&M Beats Rice 52-31

postgame-linksTexas A&M 52 – Rice 31 – Video Highlights

1. Suspended for the first half, Johnny Manziel throws three touchdown passes while attempting just eight passes.

2. Manziel didn’t play after getting hit with 15-yard taunting penalty.  Coach Kevin Sumlin: ”That was a foolish penalty at the end.” (video of the play below).

3. Greg Doyel: “Johnny Manziel is the same guy he ever was, which is to say: immature, uncontrollable.”

4. Before the game, four Texas A&M players received two-game suspensions. Two starters -linebacker Steven Jenkins and defensive back De’Vante Harris – among those punished for “violating … department rules and regulations.”

5. Video of the play that drew the taunting penalty…

6. Earlier in the game, Manziel exchanged words with a Rice player and does an air autograph.

7. Rice player goes on Twitter after the game: “I was the one who johnny was talking too. He said ‘what’s up nick, nice hit.’ True story.”



He said a lot more than "What's up Nick? Nice Hit."  He was jawing big time.  And by the reactions of the defensive players, it was no compliment.


At some point - you've got to bench this kid for a substantial game (and more if that is what it takes). Not for the NCAA, not for the sports writers, and not for the talking heads - but for that kid himself. He needs to learn a lesson that his actions have consequences - but more importantly how to handle himself with class and maturity. Beyond the big money and fun we all have with football, I feel that these kids need to leave their respective colleges with more than just dreams of the NFL - they should learn valuable life lessons and depart with valuable knowledge as well. The vast majority of these kids will never play a down in the NFL and many of those that do will find themselves out of a job within 1 to 3 years. Furthermore, it isn't fair to differentiate one individual from the rest because a team learns as a team - each individual action will impact others both directly and indirectly (on and off the field). If they can have a solid college education and learn valuable life lessons along the way, their collegiate careers will be worth more than any football they played. Every college owes it to each and every one of their student athletes to provide guidance beyond football. It is their responsibility as an institution of higher learning, but it is also their obligation and burden since they readily take all the money and reward for an athletes blood, sweat, and tears. They owe something in return - beyond money and fame - they owe an education (not just academically either).


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