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Times And Dates Are Set For Inaugural Big 12/SEC Hoops Challenge

basketballsWith the death of the old Big East, the SEC/Big East basketball challenge was quietly laid to rest as well.  This season, ESPN has helped doctor up a new Big 12/SEC Challenge.  Today, the network released the broadcast schedule for the 10-game event:


Texas Tech at Alabama — Thursday, November 14th, ESPN2, 9:00pm ET

Auburn at Iowa State — Monday, December 2nd, ESPNU, 7:00pm ET

Vanderbilt at Texas — Monday, December 2nd, ESPN2, 9:00pm ET

West Virginia at Missouri — Thursday, December 5th, ESPN2, 7:00pm ET

TCU at Mississippi State — Thursday, December 5th, ESPNU, 7:00pm ET

Ole Miss at Kansas State — Thursday, December 5th, ESPN2, 9:00pm ET

South Carolina at Oklahoma State — Friday, December 6th, ESPNU, 9:30pm ET

Kentucky vs Baylor at Arlington, TX — Friday, December 6th, ESPN, 10:00pm ET

Kansas at Florida — Tuesday, December 10th, ESPN, 7:00pm ET

Oklahoma vs Texas A&M at Houston — Saturday, December 21st, ESPNU, 7:00pm ET


Four SEC schools — Arkansas, Georgia, LSU and Tennessee — will not take part in this year’s event.

The SEC and Big 12 are playing nice these days.  There’s now a mechanism in place to match Texas A&M with Texas and Missouri with Kansas.  It’s highly disappointing then that those two longtime rivals have not been paired up in Year One of this challenge.  You can be sure that decision had more to do with Texas and Kansas than A&M and Mizzou, two schools who’ve expressed a desire to play their old foes.  Hopefully the folks in Austin and Lawrence will grow up at some point.


SIDENOTE – For years we’ve had a little fun with the Big 12 here at  We’ve referred to the league as the Big XII because that’s what the league’s logo says.  As we’ve noted before, ESPN’s logo doesn’t read “WKRP.”  Judging by the emails from Texas fans and other Big 12′ers, the decision to use their Roman numeral designation hasn’t sat too well with the folks West of the Mississippi.

Well, since the SEC is now partnering with the Big 12 on so many fronts — the Sugar Bowl, this hoops challenge, numerous other bowls — we’re going to be writing about the Big 12 much more often.  And the Big XII joke will cease being a friendly jab.  More Big 12 fans will come here, not get the barb, and write to correct us.

So from this point on, we’ll refer to the Big 12 as the Big 12.

But they should still dump their Big XII logo.



Who cares what the Little XII thinks.


Texas and A&M will never play a regular season football game again. Texas is already saddled with 3 Texas teams (TCU, Baylor and Tech) every year, plus the game in Dallas with OU. In the playoff era approaching, it makes no sense for Texas to add another regional Texas game OOC that will have little to no draw nationally. I do expect Texas to eventually play TAMU in other sports once the current AD is gone. Other sports can always use a short drive to game for the fans to be excited about. As for Mizzou/KU, I know that there is a lot of bad historic blood between the states and fan bases. Which is why I expect to see this game back on the schedule sooner than later. You won't find to many BCS level schools that will be willing to come play at Kansas, or trade a home and home. So once the feelings are mended and future conference schedules are set, expect to see the athletic departments working on games. It might not be every year, but they will be scheduled.


I am afraid the_voice is correct.  You have to understand that the Missouri/Kansas rivalry runs deeper than most college rivalries, it is based more on U.S. History than Collegiate athletics.  The beakers are going to remain upset with Mizzou mainly because we out played them in the game of conference jumping and they suddenly realized that their situation was precarious, at best.  Also, Bill Self, the most powerful man in Lawrence, Kansas has stated that KU will never play MU as long as he is around.  I think the smell of money will eventually change the KU mindset, but it is going to take a while.


Married into a Kansas Jayhawk family 30 odd years ago. Being from the Missouri side of Kansas City, I became the token Missouri Tiger in the family, even though I have no ties or allegiance to MU. With that background, I'm pretty sure that KU fans will want to play MU shortly after hell freezes over. "Growing up" is not on their agenda.


Whether they go by 12 or XII or twelve, as long as there are only 10 schools in the league the name will still be a joke.


@Bootheel Civil war history does indeed influence Kansas supporters (and you thought that Southerners were the only ones who still obsess about the war). There is a bigger influence, though. The Kansas and Texas fan bases both believe that they are better than their (former) rivals. The fans and boosters of both schools can't fathom that their inferior rivals have gone on to a more affluent league, thus leaving them behind.


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