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Three SEC Heroes Play For Laughs In New Commercial

Archie and Eli Manning: Ole Miss legends.  Peyton Manning: Tennessee legend.

Archie, Eli and Peyton Manning: Pitchmen with a flair for the funny.

DirecTV’s latest ad for its NFL Sunday Ticket package features the three ex-SEC stars in a rather amusing 3-minute faux music video.  Even if you don’t find the video to be particularly funny, you do have to give it up to the Mannings for always being willing to have a little fun with their own images.


Football on your Phone – Manning Brothers Music Video



That is very Andy Sandberg-ish.  What I like about the Mannings is that they are everyday guys.  They don't have this "I'm better than you"/in-your-face attitude that other star athletes seem to carry with them.  By the way, I love the video.  I'm in the 35-and-under crowd, though (barely), so that may be why.  It's definitely not everybody's cup of tea.


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