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Texas QB Talks Texas A&M’s Manziel, But The Coverage Doesn’t Match His Comments

gfx - they said itTexas quarterback David Ash is apparently the polar opposite of his counterpart at Texas A&M, Johnny Manziel.  According to The Houston Chronicle, Ash was “raised in a strict religious household, he grew up without TV, he claims to have never had a sip of an alcoholic beverage, he doesn’t tweet, and he doesn’t even go to the movies, much less party with rap stars.”

Asked earlier this week if he was happy he didn’t have to worry about off-field troubles — like the NCAA’s investigation into Manziel’s proclivity for signing autographs for brokers – the Longhorn quarterback had this to say:


“That a tough question.  But, you know, my answer is ‘By the grace of God.’  I don’t know Johnny Manziel personally, but I do know that college football players are regular people, and they have their problems, just like everbody else.  And Johnny Manziel, he seems to be a nice guy.  There’s a lot of pressure, a lot of things that can go wrong in your life.  And probably not very many people are interested to know what that is, or what’s going on.  Johnny, I just wish him the best.  He’s a great football player.

For me, it’s only by the grace of God I haven’t taken that path.  I’ve been blessed with great parents.  I’ve been blessed with a great community in Austin.  I have my problems, just like Johnny Manziel.  Somehow, I keep them from you guys.”


Well, for starters, he doesn’t share his every move and every thought on Twitter which is a pretty good way to keep one’s problems to one’s self.

That said, the headline to The Chronicle’s piece regarding Ash’s comment is “UT’s Ash on Manziel: ‘It’s only be the grace of God I haven’t taken that path.”  The writer of the brief story then opened the article by pointing out that Ash “has never even come close to winning a Heisman Trophy” and he’s never quarterbacked a top 10 team or beaten a top-ranked team.  Then came the quotes from Ash.

Sorry, but I think the young man was trying to be gracious when asked about Manziel, a fellow athlete.  He explained that the spotlight can be difficult, wished the Aggie star the best, complemented him, and then said, basically, that he’s glad he hasn’t found himself in the same boat.

So for the headline writer to seize on the only portion of the quote that could possibly be taken out of context is a bit of a low blow.  That one line might not have been Ash’s best choice of words, but it obviously didn’t capture the spirit of what he was attempting to say, either.

Aggies and Longhorns hate one another.  We all know that.  But there’s no reason for A&M fans to get upset over this one.  No matter how much The Chronicle headline attempts to rile them up.


CORRECTION – We initially listed Chris Ash as David Ash.  Hopefully correcting this error will put the Earth back on its axis.



I disagree. I think Ash comes off a bit self-righteous by saying those words. Even if he didn't mean it that way, he should have pointed out he has never experienced the level of scrutiny that Johnny lives with everyday. I'm not excusing Johnny, but it was definitely worth mentioning the difference in star-power, from a journalist perspective. 

Put in another way: if Manziel and Ash were actual stars, the former would be the sun, and the latter would be some star you hardly ever see because there is way too much light pollution.  


John, you're right there is no reason for any A&M fan to get upset over those comments. HoustonVol and 5LittlePiggies have it nailed.

Thanks for all you do.

HoustonVol 1 Like

You also have to know that the Houston Chronicle tilts toward A&M over TX. That would be like the Birmingham paper tilting and article to put a rival school in another conference in a poor light.

5LittlePiggies 1 Like

That's the media formula for sensationalism:  One quote out of context, subtract other pertinent information to further demonize the subject of the story, add an eye-popping headline, print (or post) the story before all of the information is in hand, and voila, they've created drama where there is none.  I'm sick of it.  Unfortunately, the public eats up the drama and sensationalism.  John, thank you for being a voice of reason in the media wilderness.  


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