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Tennessee To Name A Starting QB Next Week

4 qb silhouetteOf the 14 football squads in the Southeastern Conference, only one has not named its starting quarterback yet.  That will change soon.

Tennessee coach Butch Jones told a Vol booster group last night that he intends to name his starter for UT’s opener against Austin Peay early next week.  He plans to use a practice today and a mock game/scrimmage tomorrow to decide the race.  According to Jones:


“I tell you what, competition is the greatest motivating force.  It’s extremely healthy…

The competition has really elevated the play of all four individuals.”


It is expected that junior Justin Worley — the only QB on Tennessee’s roster with game experience — will win the job.  Three freshmen are challenging him — Nathan Peterman (redshirt), Josh Dobbs and Riley Ferguson.

For his career, Worley is 63-of-110 (57.2%) for 738 yards with one touchdown and five interceptions.


UPDATE – John Clay of The Lexington Herald Leader has pointed out to us on Twitter that while Kentucky did announce who would play in its opener, the quarterback who will start the game and take the very first snap of the season has not been announced.  So allow us to rephrase our opening paragraph: There are 13 schools that have announced who will play in their openers and Tennessee intends to do the same early next week.



@MrSEC Kentucky hasn't named its starting QB yet. Said both will play, but hasn't decided (publicly) who will start


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