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Latest News To Rank The SEC’s Football Programs

mathematician-600x400With the start of the 2013 college football season little more than two weeks away, we’ll soon begin to answer the question: “Who has the best team in the SEC?”  By early December in Atlanta, we’ll all have a crystal clear, definitive answer.

But at, we wanted to know which league school has the best football program in the SEC.  Not team, program.

We began to look at the things that make a program great.  Its recruiting base.  Its recent on-field success.  Its tradition.  Even aspects of its campus life.  All four of those areas make a difference when it comes to convincing the best high school players in America to employ their talents on an particular SEC campus in a particular SEC uniform.

To get started, we whittled down a long list of categories to the four mentioned above.  Each of those categories includes anywhere from two to eight sub-categories.  When all is revealed, those 20 sub-categories — or more accurately: how the league’s 14 schools stack up in those sub-categories — will allow us to rank the SEC’s football programs from #1 to #14 at this moment.

At this moment is a key phrase.  While tradition is important in our study, nothing outranks recent success.  Today’s recruits might be impressed by a banner from 1936 hanging above an indoor football field, but it’s likely they would be more moved by the players and teams they’ve grown up watching with their own eyes on television.

In all we’ll incorporate NFL draft history, recruiting rankings, stadium size, recent wins and past wins, recent championships and past championships, star players and everything from weather to the male/female ratio on a campus into our study.

Over the next couple of days, we’ll show you which SEC program is currently the strongest and explain why.  We’ll do the same for the weakest.

All can fall.  All can rise.  But we’ll be focusing on the here and now over the next few days.  How do the SEC’s programs stack up?  We’re about to tell you.

Hope you’ll check it out.



The suspense is killing me..............who will be #2?


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