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Dad Of Vandy WR Boyd Angry That His Son Has Been Connected To Rape Case

gfx - they said itThe Vanderbilt rape case just gets uglier and uglier by the week.  After an initial arrest of four Commodore football players, another player — top receiver Chris Boyd — was charged with attempting to help “cover up” the rape.  Nashville police accused Boyd of aiding some of the defendants who had already been indicted.

Now, the father of Boyd is speaking out against Nashville’s District Attorney for ruining his son’s name unnecessarily:


“Whatever they want, they could have gotten without indicting my son.  I don’t know how he gets his name back.  He’s 21.  I don’t know how someone repairs their integrity and character after this.  There is nothing bigger…

We’re holding him together.  We’re waiting to find out what the DA wants or needs to satisfy them.  All three of my boys are Eagle Scouts, and they have never been in trouble.  It goes without saying that they tell the truth, and he did.”


The elder Boyd said his son cooperated with authorities during “two or three meetings.”  He will have his first court hearing tomorrow morning.

Vanderbilt suspended Boyd following his arrest.

Depending on the amount of help Boyd provided to his teammates, we could come down on this one in a couple of different ways.  While no one should ever attempt to cover up a crime — especially one as heinous as the one four Vandy players are charged with — we realize that a 21-year-old asked by his friends for help might provide it without thinking of all of the potential ramifications.

Obviously, DA Susan Niland will eventually have to prove her case in court (if it gets that far).  At that point we’ll know to what extent Boyd is believed to have aided his teammates.  If it turns out Niland and the DA’s office brought charges against Boyd in order to force him to be more open about his knowledge of events, that is a rather harsh action.  As the young man’s father has noted, his son’s name has now been attached to a rape case.  It will be hard for him to put that one in the rearview mirror even if he’s eventually cleared of all charges.



This part of this case could go so many ways that it is not possible to determine the outcome. Thankfully if charges are dropped or he is found innocent it will eventually be forgotten. The players accused of the rape could have asked him how to delete stuff off of a phone, computer, etc. Boyd showed them on his phone and computer and never saw the evidence. Thus he unknowingly assisted them in covering up a crime that he was not aware of that even happened. 


Never the kids fault. Always someone else who is at fault.

John at MrSEC
John at MrSEC moderator


I don't believe I wrote that or anything else close to that.  I said it would be harsh for the DA to arrest this 21-year-old on charges tied to a rape if she were only trying to get more information from him... especially if she -- as the father and his lawyer have said -- had given no warning that such action might be taken.

As I wrote, we'll know more about how he helped to cover up and if he helped to cover up once he goes to court.

Thanks for reading the site,



@John at MrSEC @Jamesgoss My comment was definitely not directed toward you John. My comment was directed towards Boyd's dad. Your article was very unbiased as you approached the story and you presented all sides and possibilities. However, I am more inclined to lean towards the laws of probability. Which would be that he did in fact attempt to cover up the crime in some form or fashion. I could be wrong entirely about my assumption but I'm not the reporter and I understand you have to provide all sides. I'm just the guy giving my opinion based on probability.


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