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USC’s Clowney Says 3 QBs Are Scared Of Him

gfx - they said itOn or off the field, Jadeveon Clowney — South Carolina’s beast of a defensive end who supposedly ran a 4.46 40-yard dash in recent days — likes going after quarterbacks.  Yesterday at SEC Media Days, the man expected to go first in next year’s NFL draft recorded some verbal sacks, naming three quarterbacks he felt were/are scared of him.

Clemson’s Tajh Boyd, Georgia’s Aaron Murray, and Arkansas’ Tyler Wilson were the three QBs Clowney named.  Of Murray and Boyd he said:


“You can look at a guy and tell if he’s scared.  If he’s staring at me before the ball is snapped, if he’s staring at me before every snap, I’m just like: Oh, we got him.  I told my teammates: (Murray’s) shook.  We’ve just gotta get a couple hits on him (and) he’ll turn the ball over.  Throwing before he wants to, sliding…

(Boyd) is scared every time we play them.  I know he’s listening to this right now but I’m telling the truth.”


Big talk.  Of course, anyone who’s seen Clowney play knows he’s fully capable of backing it up.



Well, I am not sure why he brought up Tyler Wilson either. But, a stat you may have overlooked... 4 sacks in last years game. No telling how many QB pressures.
And no, Murray's stats are not similar. He didn't top 300 yards in his games either. Only had 109 last season. Tyler had better yards in 2011 and 2012 and actually
beat the Gamecocks in 2011. 

Look, this is just a young man speaking his mind in front of the SEC media crush. Is it a little out of character for him? Yes. Can he back it up? Absolutely.
Plus, it wasn't him saying "me me me". He was talking up his whole defensive line. I can not wait to see how he and the rest of the Gamecock D-line perform 
this season.


I don't have a clue about the other two QBs stats, but Wilson didn't seem too scared to throw for 576 yards and 4 touchdowns in 2 games.  Not sure why he brought up something about a guy he won't play this year.  Murray's stats are probablysimilar.  Boyd, eh, who cares, he plays for Clemson.


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