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Slive: SEC Reviewing Scheduling Policy For Possible 2016 Changes

MIKE SLIVE MEDIA DAYSCommissioner Mike Slive talked about the SEC’s football scheduling format during his “State of the Conference” address today.

During the league meetings in Destin, the league decided to review its current format and prepare a new plan that works best for the overall conference.  That review will determine whether or not the league continues to play eight conference games or expands to play nine league games.

Additionally, that review will further discuss the possibility of dropping permanent cross-division rivalries from the league’s schedules.

While the league will no doubt look internally, the very large external factor known as the College Football Playoff will have an impact on the league’s final decision.  Our guess remains the same: The league will eventually go to a nine-game schedule that keeps permanent cross-division rivals by utilizing a 6-2-1 format rather than the current 6-1-1 format.

There is still no word from the commissioner or the league on when the 2014 and 2015 football schedule will be revealed.



I wonder why no update of any sorts on scheduling.  Maybe Slive wants 1 thing & the coaches the opposite.


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