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SEC Top Cop Shaw On New Ejection Penalty: “Most Significant Rule Change In My Tenure”

gfx - they said itLast week it was widely reported that Big Ten officials had been given instructions regarding the NCAA’s new ejection-for-a-helmet-to-helmet-hit rule: When in doubt, kick ‘em out.

Now the fact of the matter is that there will be a review via replay to make sure that the officials on the field saw what they thought they saw.  So if a kid drives helmet-to-shoulder on tape, the ejection order can be rescinded.  Still, this attempt to curtail head injuries in college football is going to be very, very controversial.

Coaches will hate the rule when it goes against one of their players.  Fans will abhor the rule, period.  But it’s coming this fall anyway.  And current SEC head of officials Steve Shaw says the new rule is “probably the most significant rule change in my tenure.”

Speaking this morning at SEC Media Days, Shaw said:


“Instant replay has continued to evolve over time, but instant replay is going to play a big part in this.  We have to right 100% of the time.”


Newsflash: Nothing will be right 100% of the time.  Shaw said that coaches and players need to be aware of and prepared for the rule to enforced.  “Coaches have to teach head-up tackling.  Players have to execute what they’re being taught and if a player doesn’t execute it properly, the official has to have the courage to put the marker on the ground.”

The irony is that for all the grief officials will catch over this rule — and there will a whole lot — most referees would tell you that they do not want any more judgement calls added to a game that’s already being played at a faster pace than ever before.




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