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Saban: “I’d Be Fine” With Top Five Conferences All Playing One Another

ALABAMA MEDIA DAYSThis fall, Alabama will host Chattanooga.  The Mocs are an FCS opponent.

Asked today if he will continue to schedule FCS foes like Chattanooga now that there will be a playoff (and strength of schedule will play a role in deciding who gets in), Nick Saban said:


“I was in the NFL for eight years where every team you played was in the NFL.  So if somebody wants to take the leadership and say, ‘OK, here are the five conferences that are the top conferences and we’re gonna play all our games amongst those people.’  I’d be fine with that.

But until someone says that, it’s gonna be impossible to schedule all your games with those teams.  So we will have to continue to play some of those games.

Now, do I think that’s what the fans want to see?  Probably not…

I think in the world that we live in I think it is impossible to schedule more than 10 games with real quality opponents.  It’s very difficult.  It’s very difficult from a financial/business standpoint because everyone want to play more home games… The more games you play with quality opponents you’re gonna have to play home-and-home so you’re gonna have less home games.”


This shoots down a criticism that’s often hurled Saban’s way whenever he pushes for a breakaway division of the biggest, richest schools or lobbies for a nine-game SEC schedule: “If you want to play nothing but good teams why don’t you go ahead and do it?”

Well, because it would be bad business and it would place Alabama at a competitive disadvantage if the Crimson Tide decided to walk down that road all by their lonesome.



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