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Pinkel Gets Off Easy When It Comes To Questions

MISSOURI MEDIA DAYSThe media in Birmingham decided to take it easy on Missouri’s head football coach today.  Three topics we expected to hear discussed — two of which would’ve been considered fastballs — were never lobbed at Gary Pinkel:


1.  The temperature of Pinkel’s seat

2.  The media attention heaped upon James Franklin after Pinkel told the media he’d refused to take a pain-killing shot before a game last season

3.  Comparisons between the SEC and Big XII


Pinkel seemed much more relaxed at this second SEC Media Days than he did his first.  One wonders if he would have been quite so smooth had someone brought up those first two topics.

Watch video of Pinkel being interviewed at SEC Media Days here.



Yeah, I was a little surprised at that one, too. It's ridiculous to think the seat is hot after one losing season in which most of the OL and the quarterback spent the season on crutches, after what Pinkel's done with a program that was absolutely awful. Mike Alden has a history of being patient with coaches some would say are "on the hot seat" and in many cases it's proven to be the right call (we'll not bring up Quin Snyder, if you don't mind) 

The bit about pain meds is part of a vastly more complicated discussion than most sports reporters are suited to be part of. On the one hand, making someone take meds they're uncomfortable with in order to send them out to play football is very troubling. On the other, there is a mindset that taking pain medication is somehow risky or, even more offensive, that it's somehow "immoral." For those of us who have severe health problems and couldn't survive in a remotely normal life without them, that's pretty insulting. One wonders about who a person in that position should trust at that point...his own views, which may or may not have the slightest medical credibility? The team doctor, who may put your health top shelf and may have a Lexus riding on covering the point spread? It's a hell of a tough issue, especially for a bunch known for asking quarterbacks if they're virgins or not.

as for the 3rd, please feel free to ask if you want to see what Gary Pinkel was like in his early years at Mizzou, if you think he's a grump now, trust me, he's Mother Theresa compared to "early Pinkel". He is, like everyone associated with the program, sick to death of the question. There's no good answer at all--if you say they're about the same (as most of these guys did off the record) you've insulted your new league and pissed off the people you're supposed to be getting along with now. If you say "Oh the SEC's far better" you put down the success the teams had in recent years, and they deserve a great deal more respect than they got for going from the dregs of college football to beating TAMU and Oklahoma State and Nebraska and Texas and Oklahoma and Kansas State. No, at this time, the Big 12 is not at the level of the SEC, nobody is. But the SEC media and fan base really does act as if the Aggies and Tigers have been promoted from the minor leagues to the majors, and it's not like that at all. 

And I feel really snotty continuing to point out mistakes like this, but it's just in my nature, I guess (my mom was an English teacher) There is no such thing as the "Big XII". The league was and is the Big 12. The only place the Roman Numerals were used was in the logo. 

And yes, that's even true at Okie St...I mean, Oklahoma State.

John at MrSEC
John at MrSEC moderator


Then they should remove BIg XII from their logo.  The logo for ESPN doesn't read WKRP.

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