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Manziel Says He Overslept At Manning Passing Academy

johnny-manziel-holds-ball-smilesTexas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel just sat down for an interview with ESPN and while he wasn’t quite as elusive as he is on the field, the Heisman-winner did evade a question or two.


What happened at the Manning Passing Academy?

“It’s been a busy summer for me.  I probably bit off a little more than I can chew in July, been traveling a lot of places.  Just overslept.  I made a mistake and didn’t wake up on time as I should have.  And that’s pretty much that.”


How did you fail in your commitment to the Manning?

“There’s a lot of rumors out there.  I’ve been very eager to share my side of the story.  Main thing was missed a meeting.  Wasn’t anything due to the night prior.  Wasn’t anything (more) involved in that.  It was simply: phone died, overslept.  Woke up the next morning whenever I did, went and talked to them, and it was kind of a mutual decision to get home and get some time to relax.”


What happened the night before?  There was speculation you were hungover, etc?

“Absolutely not.”


Did you drink alcohol while you were there?

“I’m not going into details about what happened at the Manning Camp.  We had social events every night.  Got a chance to really socialize.  Got a chance to talk to Peyton and Eli off the field.  Got to pick their brains… Archie.  Those guys’ experiences are so valuable to us as college quarterbacks.”


What about your apology to coach Kevin Sumlin?

“I would describe it as kind of explaining to him kinda what I’ve explained to you right now.  I told him I felt the deal really got blown out of proportion.  And I’m sorry for that.  I’m sorry for the way it was spun and the way it was taken in context.  I never meant to make A&M look bad, especially him.  Me and Coach Sumlin have such a special relationship and I never would have wanted to upset him.  I never knew that that talk between me and him would get out.  But I just felt like I needed to know that I didn’t mean to disappoint him.  I was hard enough on myself about the whole deal.”


Asked again about how the decision was made for him to leave, Manziel reiterated that it was a mutual decision.  He also said that Peyton and Eli Manning were sorry to see him go.  (The first reports of his departure from the camp stated that Archie Manning was the man who asked Manziel to leave.)

Manziel didn’t look the least bit flustered to be sitting live on ESPN with dozens of reporters and cameras surrounding him behind the set.

The most interesting nugget from this part of the interview?  “I never knew that that talk between me and (Sumlin) would get out.”  Hmmm.

The best thing Manziel said?  He admitted that he’s brought a little bit of the scrutiny he receives on himself (via Twitter).  The first step toward fixing a problem is admitting there’s a problem.



I thought the interview went well.  I, too, am interested in the "talk between me and (Sumlin)" comment.  However, as some have assumed, I do not think he is alluding to Sumlin leaking out the conversation.  I think he is alluding to others who saw him go talk to Sumlin disclosed that information.  I think that this statement turns out to be a lot about nothing.  We shall see.


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