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Bielema Gets Loud When Asked About Hurry-Up Offenses

ARKANSAS MEDIA DAYSThe question was pretty straight-forward.  Bret Bielema was simply told that Auburn’s Gus Malzahn had said that he thought the notion of hurry-up offenses being dangerous was a joke.  Arkansas’ coach was asked for his response.

Bielema apparently took it that Malzahn had suggested that he specifically was being silly, rather than all of the defensive-minded coaches out there as whole.

Bielema then got loud.  And he talked even faster.  It was clear he was heated:


“He thought it was a joke?  I’m not a comedian.

Everything that I say is things that I truly believe in.  When I go into a young man’s home… when you go into recruit a kid that’s 17-years-old and you’re gonna move him halfway across the country and you say, ‘I’m gonna look out for the personal well-being of your son in everything I do.”  It’s gonna be gameday, it’s gonna be practice, it’s gonna be in conditioning sessions.  I am trusting you to give me your son to come play for me.  And if I have a son that I have brought to this campus and I don’t look for his personal well being, then I have lied to that parent.

Alls I know is this, there are times when an offensive player and a defensive player are on the field for an extended amount of time without a break.  You cannot tell me that a player after Play Five is the same player that he is after Play 15.  And if that exposes him to a risk of injury then that’s my fault.  And I can’t do anything about it.”


If that reads like a rant (including “Alls I know”), it should.  It was.  Bielema was hot.  He concluded:


“If you wanna play hurry-up offense, play it.  I’ll play it.  But it doesn’t mean I can’t try to protect my players.”


Arkansas fans will love that.  Most everyone else will think that he got a little too fired up over a comment that he didn’t hear for himself.




  1. […] Still, when Bret Bielema suggested this week that Louisiana-Lafayette will be a “tremendous challenge,” that had to just be coach-speak, right?  He had to be kidding.  (Wait, we already know he’s not a comedian.) […]

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