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Bama Freshman Liner Blows Up The Internet With Photo Of Himself And Cash

Anyone need of some stupid can call incoming Alabama freshman footballer Dee Liner.  He appears to be plum eat up with it.

Yesterday, Liner — a highly-rated defensive end prospect who signed with the Tide in February — decided to post a photo of himself and his buddies on the social media platform Instagram.  The text accompanying the pic said: #StruggleOverWit.

The photo — of course — showed Liner and his pals holding cash aplenty:




As is the case anytime a player posts photos of himself with big money — whether it’s Auburn’s Dakota Moseley or Ole Miss’ Laquon Treadwell – the internet melted down with rival fans screaming that the player had obviously been bought and paid for by his new school.  In this case, the University of Alabama.

The Liner story has gotten play everywhere from newspapers to websites to social media.  Like here, here, here, and here.

We’ve received several emails this morning — apparently from Tide fans — instructing us that when we write about the issue we should keep in mind that the money held by Liner and buddies could have come from anywhere.  Which is correct.

You see a bunch of 18-year-olds holding wads of cash and saying “StruggleOverWit” and your mind can go almost anywhere.  Maybe they won the lottery.  Maybe they’re independently wealthy.  Or maybe they just sold a kilo of weed.  Or maybe they knocked over a liquor store.

See?  There are all kinds of ways for teenagers to land fantails of money.  Unfortunately, I myself never had a thousand or so bucks of spending cash as a teenager… and I’d have probably had to sell a kilo of weed or knock over a liquor store to get it.

The real question in all of this is: “When will they learn?”

Oh, I’m not talking about the kids.  They’re teenagers, they’re supposed to be stupid.  Been there, was that.

I’m talking about coaches.  I’ve written it a few million times — and while Les Miles made a funny at SEC Media Days — I still say coaches should immediately ban their players from social media as soon as they sign their scholarship papers.  There’s no difference between that and preventing freshmen from speaking to the media.  It’s not a First Amendment issue in any way, shape or form.  It’s actually a means of protecting a school’s players and a school’s reputation… just in case one of those youngsters is dumb enough to do what Liner did yesterday.

To get a free ride and play football at Alabama — or anywhere else — is a privilege, not a right.  Want a free education?  Don’t tweet.  Want a shot to reach the NFL?  Don’t post photos on Instagram.  That’s hardly asking the players to give up food and water.

But, hey, what do I know?  Maybe Nick Saban, the UA administration and Crimson Tide fans everywhere like the fact that thousands of Americans are once again connecting the word “Alabama” with the word “cheating.”

A jump to conclusions?  Most assuredly.  But that should be expected.  Just as athletes should be expected to post dumb things on social media.

At some point you’d expect more coaches to realize that there’s a pretty simple solution to that problem.



The fact that these morons felt compelled to share these pics is proof of their lack of intelligence.


When you see student athletes flashing wads of cash like that it kinda makes me want to rethink the whole players need to be paid thing.


Seriously though. There can't be more than 40 $20 bills. Add the $100 on top and he's holding $900. One thousand dollars max. Maybe he worked a summer job and saved his money? Hipsters' on facebook take pictures of their food and post them. There isn't much difference between that and these pictures besides the fact that these are young black men holding the means to acquire those fancy meals.


I like how he put a $100 on top of a stack of twenties. To bad his buddy in the middle didn't get the message.

John at MrSEC
John at MrSEC moderator


I don't think race has anything to do with it.  Dakota Moseley is white and he got the same treatment.  If an athlete poses with a wad of cash the response will always, always, always be: "His school paid him."  

And that's why, if I were a coach, I'd make sure any goofballs on my team weren't allowed to shoot themselves in the foot or me in the rump via social media.

Thanks for reading,



@John at MrSEC @Rex_Feral 

If you say race doesn't have anything to do with it, then I will take you at your word. My initial reaction was of two hoods flashing their ill gotten gain. After thoughtfully reading the article I realized that these guys aren't doing anything out of line. Why should they be punished when it is us adults who are in the wrong for assuming they don't deserve what they have.

Anchor Down my brother.

John at MrSEC
John at MrSEC moderator

@Rex_Feral @John at MrSEC 

I didn't write that they'd done anything out of line.  I wrote that anytime a college athlete -- and I gave examples of and links to other players, black and white -- posts a photo of himself holding loot... it'll make news.  Fair, not fair, doesn't matter.  It's going to happen.  By the time we mentioned it, this story had already blown up Twitter and been picked up by several major newspapers.  

I did write that they had done something dumb.  How any college player could post that kind of photo after so many other college players have been ripped for doing likewise is beyond me.

Again, thanks for reading.  And an "Anchor Down" back at ya,



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