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Source: Manziel – Suspended Before The 2012 Season – Nearly Transferred From A&M

johnny-manziel-holds-ball-smilesHere’s one for you fans of alternate history novels.  If Johnny Manziel hadn’t been quarterbacking Texas A&M last year, would the Aggies have had any chance of going 11-2?  Would A&M be recruiting quite so well right now?  Would Aggie fans have been as happy with their SEC move had their team suffered through a .500-ish season (as most had predicted last summer)?  Would the Aggies have upset Alabama in Tuscaloosa?  Would the Heisman Trophy ever go to a freshman?  Heck, who would have been sitting courtside at all those NBA games and throwing out all those first pitches at baseball games this offseason?

And so on.

Well, according to a source speaking with SportsDay, a website run by The Dallas Morning News, that alternate reality almost became plain ol’ reality last offseason.  Over the summer of 2012, Manziel was arrested in College Station’s bar district.  He was initially suspended by TAMU and “would have felt it was necessary to transfer” had the suspension not been overturned on appeal.  The athletic department had nothing to do with the suspension or its reversal.  According to the paper, it was the dean of student life who ruled in the quarterback’s favor.

The arrest has been public knowledge.  The supension/transfer/reversal is the new information.  Head coach Kevin Sumlin has said that he wound up imposing his own discipline on the QB for the arrest.

Manziel was arrested for misdemeanors of fighting, failure to identify and possession of fake IDs last June 29th.

Fans being fans, we’re certain many an Aggie-backer will convince himself that A&M would have been just fine without Manziel.  But the reality is — if the source is correct — Texas A&M was thisclose to entering the 2012 season without the player who wound up taking the college football world by storm.  And it’s unlikely the Aggies’ entry into the SEC would have gone near as smoothly without him.



What if the allies had not prevailed on the beaches of Normandy on D-Day?  What if the American Revolution failed?  What if a football was a basketball and a basketball was a football?  You get my point.

John at MrSEC
John at MrSEC moderator


You apparently didn't get mine because I was trying to have a little fun with how much everything would have changed.



OK, I'll bite.  Giving the "what if" senario of a Johnny Football transfer.  I think the Aggies would have still done better than the 6-6 that most sports writers were predicting.  Partly because so few people guess what would happen at Arkansas when Petrino was fired, how badly Mizzou would be hurt by injuries, or how far Auburn had fallen.

I think without Johnny, the Aggies would have been looking at an 8-4 regular season with a 4-4 conference record.   Tell me my glasses ar Maroon if you like, but I really think strenght and conditioning (or lack of it in 2011) had a lot to do with the teams record.


@Speedy98 I agree.  People don't realize what a stud Showers is.  I wish he transferred to a bigger stage than UTEP, but I think Showers and UTEP will have a good season.  If Manziel wasn't playing, we would have lost his improvisation.  That likely would have cost us against La Tech, Ole Miss, and Alabama.  However, we would have gained Showers' arm and accuracy.  I think we might have beat Florida and LSU.  Instead of 10-2, with a win over Alabama, we would be 9-3 with wins over Florida and LSU.  Remember, Manziel barely beat out Showers for the starting job.


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