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SEC Headlines 6/7/2013

headlines-friSEC Football

1. What could boost the fortunes of Tennessee football over the next five years?  The retirements of Nick Saban and Steve Spurrier would help.

2. Running back Marlin Lane not officially reinstated at Tennessee but an announcement is expected soon.

3. Last national title for Georgia was 1980.  Is this the year they can finally get over the hump? Vegas has Georgia as the favorite in all 12 regular season games.

4. Similar story at Alabama – Tide favored in every contest.  In SEC action, favored by an average of 20.9 points.

5. Auburn an underdog in every SEC game this year, according to the Golden Nugget.

6. Lines on 10 of the biggest games this fall. Ten not enough? Here’s 250 point spreads  from the Golden Nugget.

7. Departures at Kentucky include sopohomore receivers receivers DeMarcus Sweat and Bookie Cobbins. UK will add four receivers this fall.

8. Why Kentucky needs to be dialed in for the season opener against Western Kentucky.

9. South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier on the league’s head coaches: ”You don’t see many former players from the league coming back [to the SEC] to be head coaches anymore.”

10. Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel set to debut in a country music video this afternoon.

11. If professional baseball doesnt’ work out for Kohl Stewart, Kevin Sumlin says he can always play football for the Aggies. See our recruiting notebook from earlier today for more on Stewart.

12. What does Auburn coach Gus Malzahn want to see in his starting quarterback?“Thinking like a coach out on the field, as far as the reads go and everything that goes within a play.”

13. Football tickets, sideline passes and Nick Saban’s lake house – all up for sale to the highest bidder.

14. Saban: “To me, everybody always asks, ‘Why aren’t you happy about this or that?’ (and it’s) because I am thinking about the next thing,”

15. Missouri coach Gary Pinkel likes the potential of his defensive line: ”It’s a league where you’ve got to be good up front.”

16. 96 percent of football players at Missouri in the last five senior classes have earned their degrees.

SEC/College News

17. Who owns the images of college athletes? Former Alabama player Tyrone Prothro wrote a  book and wanted to use a photo from a famous catch in 2005.  Alabama told him he would have to purchase it.

18. Search firms typically cost universities about $75,000 to identify coaching candidates.  Are they worth the money?

19. College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta under construction and selling commemorative bricks.

20. Miami commit on turning down Urban Meyer. “It looked like he was a baby about to cry. It was so funny.”

SEC Basketball

21. Trial for former Auburn basketball player Varez Ward set for July 22.  Pleads not guilty to charges of trying to fix a game in 2012.

22. Kevin Scarbinsky on Ward: “He may be the worst thing to happen to Barbee and Auburn basketball in a string of bad things that have plagued the program.”

23. Byron Samuels is Georgia’s new operations coordinator. Former assistant to Jerry Green at Tennessee.

24. The debate over former Missouri guard Michael Dixon, now with Memphis.  Should he be allowed to play next season?

25. New players will look a lot like the old players at Missouri – at least when it comes to their jersey numbers.

26 .ESPN’s Chad Forde on the odds Nerlens Noel is taken No. 1 overall in the NBA draft: “60-65 percent.”


27. Brett Favre on his departure from the Green Bay Packers.  ”I was at fault.”




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