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Prospect Sheds A Little Light On Florida, Tennessee Recruiting Pitches

gfx - they said itJunior college defensive lineman DaVonte Lambert has moved Florida and Tennessee — the two schools he’s officially visited — ahead of Georgia, the school that had been his leader.  If that were the end of the story, you’d find it on our Recruiting Page.  Also, you can read all about how Georgia is trying to climb back up Lambert’s list right here.

But we’re putting this story on the main page for a different reason.  Lambert told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution why he’s moved Florida and Tennessee to the front of the line.  It’s just one man’s opinion, but it gives us some insight into how both programs are pitching themselves to recruits:


“I love the way they (Florida) train their players.  They train their players just like the NFL.  I mean, if you go there and get your statistics, it’s like getting it done in the NFL.  They basically get their players NFL ready…

It was just the love that they showed me at Tennessee.  It was very different from all the other schools.  You know, they’ve got a new head coach and a new staff, so they are basically trying to build something new at Tennessee.”


Would every recruit relate those same views?  Probably not.  But it does give us a small glimpse into the recruiting tactics of two SEC schools.




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