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Bama Publishes Football/Academics Advertisement… Mizzou And A&M Left Off SEC List

The University of Alabama is wisely promoting the fact that the school boasts the #1 football program in the country as well as the #1 APR score for a football team in the SEC (11th best in the nation).  There’s just one problem.  The poster shows Bama on top of a 12-program SEC.


alabama sec


No Missouri.  No Texas A&M.

And Missouri — for the record — actually had the highest football APR in the league at 982.  Texas A&M came in at 954.

Now, we’ll just chalk this up to some creative spin inside the Tide’s marketing office.  APR scores are a four-year rolling average and the last round of scores ended with the 2011-12 school year.  Missouri and Texas A&M weren’t in the SEC at that point.

In other words, comparing apples to apples, Alabama was on top of its 11 conference chums from 2008-09 through 2011-12.  It’s just that those numbers were released in 2013 and Mizzou and A&M are most definitely in the league now.  And one of those schools had a better score than the Tide over the last four-year span.

I think it’s safe to say Alabama fans will see this one way while Missouri fans will see it the other.



Actually the measure was for 2011-2012 APR and MU and A&M were not in the SEC...


Well said by both rrrun and MoKelly1.  M-I-Z!  Z-O-U!


The poster just doesn't read as well if it had to say #1 on the field and #2 off the field. Intellectual honesty should be #1 at any universtity. Does Alabama really believe they will lose out to Mizzou on top ranked football recruits because Mizzou is #1 in APR and they are #2? Really? That is a great compliment to Mizzou.


"Spin" is another word for "inaccurate." To exclude conference members, without even an explanatory footnote, is arrogance, plain and simple. And in this specific instance, that arrogance is not earned. For the record, I'm a Mizzou alum. You see, I am happy to make my biases known.


I hate the tide, but like the move.

I wish Slive wouldve left them out too.


@rrrun Were either of those teams conference members in the 2011-2012 academic year?


@Sleepwriter @rrrun Of course not. But does the promotional piece give those dates? The piece is misleading and the obfuscation does not enhance Alabama's academic reputation. Perhaps they should have a graduate of an AAU-member university check their work. Mizzou has been in the AAU since 1908. Alabama? Not so much.

John at MrSEC
John at MrSEC moderator


We stated very clearly in the piece above what you wrote in your first paragraph:

"Now, we’ll just chalk this up to some creative spin inside the Tide’s marketing office.  APR scores are a four-year rolling average and the last round of scores ended with the 2011-12 school year.  Missouri and Texas A&M weren’t in the SEC at that point."

For the record.

Thanks for visiting the site,



Of course it is spin to a degree, but there is nothing wrong with that. The APR is comprised of a 4 year rolling average and Missouri was not in the SEC during any of the four years of the recent scores. Alabama didn't delete Missouri from the list, the NCAA did.

Go look it up for yourself. It would be dishonest to suggest that Missouri was at the top of the conference when they were not a member during any year considered in the rankings. However, it does speak well of Missouri that they earned a 982. It shows great progress from the 930 they rated in 2004-2005. Similarly, Alabama has increased to a 978. There's nothing wrong with being proud of that progress for either of us.

The bit about the AAU is a straw man argument, don't you think? It has nothing to do with the discussion. If you want to talk about academics, US News has Alabama at #77 in the latest rankings. Missouri barely cracks the top 100. That has nothing to do with this either. We're glad Missouri is in the SEC. T
hey will have one year of membership considered in the next four year rolling average and if they are ranked highest in the conference — congrats to them.


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