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A&M’s Manziel On Tebow: “I Would Hope I’m A Better Passer”

gfx - they said itTexas A&M celebrity (and quarterback) Johnny Manziel popped up on ESPN’s “First Take” with Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith earlier this week and the topic of another Heisman-winning quarterback from the SEC was broached.  Bayless asked Manziel point blank, “How much better of a passer are you than Tim Tebow?”

Manziel’s response:


“You put me on the spot.  I would hope I’m a better passer than Tim Tebow, that way I wouldn’t have to go into an offseason and work on a lot of mechanics because as a redshirt freshman I tried to work on that before I got to a position where I would be questioned about that…

He’s a great dude, a great person and he deserves this chance he is getting in the NFL (with the New England Patriots).  As far as being a starting quarterback in the NFL, I don’t know if it really suits him.”


A better answer?  “Tim Tebow has a tremendous legacy in the SEC and a winning record in the NFL.  I hope to someday join him in the NFL, but for now I’m focused on the 2013 season.”

Problem is, Manziel never seems to be focused on the 2013 season.  When he’s not throwing out the first pitch of a baseball game he’s hanging out at the NBA finals.  When he’s not at the NBA finals he’s kicking it with Skip and Stephen A.  Or meeting other celebs.  Or having fun at the beach.

Now, none of that might make a lick of difference come fall.  With his mobility, Manziel is an electrifying player to watch.  And there’s no reason a college kid shouldn’t be able to enjoy himself.

But if A&M’s pop star does struggle a bit more in 2013 than he did in 2012, a lot of people will point to the fact that since January we’ve all seen more of “Johnny Football!” than we have of Johnny Manziel.

Ironically, while there’s always a media frenzy around Tebow, the ex-Florida quarterback has done less of the celeb thing since 2006 than Manziel has done in the past six months.



Crappy words out of a would-be prima donna; what a cretin.


All I have to say is that it will be fascinating to watch it play out this next season. If he backs his mouth up with another quality season, dude deserves the props. If he doesn't then he risks more than just a drop in his draft stock.


Yes, a little more tact would have been nice.  But, given the folks he was with, Steven A. Smith and Skip personalities who generate viewership and readership by being tactless...I'm sure he was just "chatting" with them.  He's not a communications or public relations major. :-)  Also, yes, much of his exposure and following is self-inflicted.  It's a much different era and he's doing what kids do. So what...he Instagrams/Tweets that he's at the NBA Finals.  My kids would probably do that, too.  The posts of photos w/LaBron, the Duck Dynasty folks, etc. need to stop.  That does seem a little excessive though I assume the compliance office has told him it's OK.  I wish he would realize that *EVERYTHING* he says and does is going to be monitored  and spun to generate viewership and page hits.

@LFJeremy  is reiterating everything I heard of the situation with the grad assistant on the sideline.  If he tries to push C.J. Mosley on September 14 if he throws an INT and C.J. is in his face, let's talk then.  It just demonstrates his ultra-competitiveness.  I'm hoping it carries over to the fall and another good season.  Just hope it doesn't turn out to be another 2011!?!  High expectations then a big thud.  Behind them all the way.  No 2-percenter here. 

Gig 'em!!


Manziel is seeming like a prima dona now. Whether he is or not, it is what he seems like. Your average, every day Joe doesn't like prima donas.


QBs always improve the most between year 1 and year 2 in a system.  Manziel focuses plenty in his workouts--he just leaves the work behind when he's enjoying being a young, college-aged man.


@SRF BMT They said Manziel was really focused when he and his assistant coach had words and apparently Manziel shoved him. This comes from a Texas AM buddy who knows what goes on down there.

  No matter how you cut it, Manziel is coming off as a spoiled brat....whether he really is or not. He needs someone to sit down and teach him how he should act now that he is in the spotlight.

LFJeremy moderator

@bigreb @SRF BMT From the A&M folks I've spoken with who are on campus in various roles, it was a graduate assistant on the defensive side of the ball he pushed who got excited more or less in Manziel's face after Manziel threw an interception during a scrimmage. That's a very different image of the kid than you're painting. If I'm a competitor, and some kid barely older than me is getting in my face after I throw an interception, likely someone I've had classes with, I can't promise I don't react the same way. 

I did not like his response about Tim Tebow. I also have not liked how public his life has remained, most of which is a direct result of Manziel (Twitter, Instagram, constant media appearances, etc.). But he's enjoying his life, a lifestyle his parents can provide him with, and a lifestyle his hard work and success have provided...what any other college kid would do in his shoes. While I certainly have the creeping fear of what would come from a lack-luster year for the kid and the A&M program as a whole, I also believe Manziel is a Jordan-esque competitor who is simply born to compete on the biggest stages. It's in his blood, and his natural talent and abilities mixed with personal skill development is enough to overcome all of this preseason hand wringing. Plus, Kevin Sumlin will have Manziel, and this entire team, ready come August.

Only time will tell, but in the end, I think Manziel will back up any "questionable" thing he's said.

LFJeremy moderator

@bigreb @LFJeremy @SRF BMT If that's reaching to you, then I don't know what to tell you, you'll simply believe whatever you choose to believe, regardless of facts and reason.

I'm looking at the facts and evaluating it with common sense, while putting myself in Manziel's shoes; you're equating what's most likely an early 20's, unpaid intern to a bona fide collegiate coach, and acting is if they both command the same respect and that Mark Snyder would ever act that way towards Manziel after an interception.

If that's your take, cool man, but we'll never see eye to eye then.


@LFJeremy @bigreb @SRF BMT You are really reaching in your defense of him. Sorry. He shoved a coach on the team, grad assistant or not. I don't care if the GA was younger than him, he shoved a coach on the team. No way that you defend this will make it  acceptable.


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