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UF’s Muschamp Vows To End UGA’s 2-Year Win Streak Over Gators

gfx - they said itLast night in Jacksonville, Will Muschamp made a promise to a Florida booster club.  In his first two seasons as the Gators’ coach, his squad has been beaten by his alma mater — Georgia — twice, 24-20 in 2011 and 17-9 in 2012.  He’s now vowed to turn things around when it comes to the Bulldogs:


“Well, it’s not going to be a long winning streak, I can assure you.  We feel very comfortable.  Obviously, last year, when you turn the ball over six times, you’re not going to win many games.  You turn it over six times and give up 17 points, you (still) put yourself in a situation where you can win the game.

We fought through a lot of adversity we created for ourselves in the game.  It just didn’t work out.  We turned the ball over two years ago twice inside our 20-yard line, which resulted in 14 points.  So, that obviously doesn’t help you win games either.

There are some simple solutions.  Take care of the football.  As far as playing the game and winning the game, we understood what was at stake last year.  Very disappointed for our football team and the Gator Nation that we didn’t get the job done.  Looking forward to the game this year.”


The past two games combined, Florida has committed eight turnovers against Georgia.  It should be noted, however, that part of the reason those games were still tight was the fact that the Bulldogs coughed the ball up to the Gators four times.  Both games were sloppy.  Georgia was simply the least sloppy team on the field.

On that note, it seems we picked the right day to post our breakdown of six years worth of SEC turnover data.




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