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Thought Of The Day – 5/14/13

Ooh, law, we’re goin’ back a ways for this one.

Not sure that I’ve ever driven through the Magnolia State without intentionally dialing this one up on the iPod.  Rolled last summer all the way from New Orleans to Tennessee and am planning on spending some time on the Mississippi River this summer.  Might have to add this one to the playlist for that one.  (Admission: I’ve never driven into Detroit without punching this up.  I’m a freak.  Freely admit it.)


“Nothin’ much to see but a starvin’ hound in a Mississippi cotton-pickin’ Delta town.”


Charley Pride — Mississippi Cotton Pickin' Delta Town


If you don’t know much about Charlie Pride, do yourself a favor and do some research.  Great story.



You are right, Country Charlie Pride has a great story. He is a great singer, too.


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