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Thought Of The Day – 5/13/13

We ran through a gaggle of country songs to find our thoughts and lyrics last week and darned if we’re not gonna go down that same road again for much of this week.  There’s been some good stuff rolling off the MrSEC iPod and I’m just not ready to change the genre setting yet.

As for today’s song, it’s a Steve Earle classic, but it’s hard to beat Johnny Cash with any song.  The man could’ve read a phone book and made it worthwhile.


“‘Not guilty,’ I said.  ‘You’ve got the wrong man.  Nothing touched the trigger but the devil’s right hand.’”


Johnny Cash – The Devil's right hand




  1. read this says:


    I have asked several questions, and many of the replies suggest that I consider FIREFOX. I’m not sure what it is – probably a browser. Is it similar to Netscape and Internet Explorer? What are its good features and its bad features?.

  2. Maybe…

    Hey,.. My site went down a while ago now, i just need to know how to upload my backup file back onto the site, is it on the dashboard in wordpress or on cpanel or something?.. Thanks..

  3. Trackback says:


    can any post on a personal blog (with disclaimer that it is his personal view) be used by any brand for filing a case against an individual for ‘brand tarnishing’ etc?.

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    What is the difference between Computer science and information technology?

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