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The NCAA (Apparently With Nothing Better To Do) Bans Hashtags From End Zones

HailStateI hope you’re sitting down for this one, folks.  Never again will you see #HAILSTATE painted in the end zones of Mississippi State’s Scott Field.

Now, if you’re like this writer you probably don’t give a very big hoot.  The question, however, is why in the world would the NCAA give a very big hoot?

And a very big hoot they do give.

You see, yesterday the NCAA — an organization that’s been dealt so many body blows in recent weeks that its wobbling on its knees like Rocky and Apollo at the end of “Rocky II” — announced that urls and hashtags cannot be painted on football fields.  In fact, only the name of the home team, a conference logo, or an NCAA logo can appear on fields during regular season play.  An exception can be made when there is a commercial sponsor with naming rights for a game (ie: the AT&T Red River Rivalry).  Also, bowls can put their logo/name on the field during postseason play.

The NCAA rules committee is trying to stamp out advertising on the gridiron and hashtags can be used as advertising, don’t ya know?  Why the NCAA couldn’t just be more specific — “no hashtags that serve as advertisements,” for example — is anyone’s guess.

Hashtags and website urls — they’re also banned — weren’t the only topics tackled by the NCAA yesterday.  Nope, college sports’ governing body also mandated that numbers on jerseys contrast with the overall uniform color (somewhere a Nike designer just passed out), eye shields and helmet visors must be clear and not tinted, and most importantly… towels must be solid white.

With all that in mind, we’d like to dedicate this good song (and horrific video) to the NCAA rules committee:


Styx – Too Much Time On My Hands




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