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SEC Negotiating With 3 Cities For Future Tourney Dates

sec-tournament-nashvilleAs we noted yesterday, Nashville is the most likely choice to become the SEC Tournament’s “primary” home at some point in the future.  Also, multiple sources claim St. Louis is expected to land the 2017 tourney.  In addition, Tampa officials say they’ve had good talks with the SEC about bringing the event back to Florida’s Gulf Coast.

Well, it turns out Atlanta is also negotiating with the league for a future tourney date.

SEC commissioner Mike Slive said Thursday: “We have had conversations with Atlanta, Tampa and St. Louis.  Those conversations will continue.”

Below is an up-to-date rundown of future tourney sites:


2014 — Atlanta

2015 — Nashville

2016 — Nashville

2017 — St. Louis (reportedly)

2018 — St. Louis, Tampa or Atlanta

2019 — Nashville

2020 — St. Louis, Tampa or Atlanta


For those wondering when Nashville — assuming the Music City does outbid everyone else — will take over as primary host, the above list might actually give you an idea of what “primary” means.  According to Slive:


“The best way to say it is that’s where you go most of the time.  Permanent means you got there every time.  Primary means you go there most of the time.”


There’s an awful lot of grey in that statement.  To us at, the word “primary” would suggest that a city would host the league’s tournament, let’s say, four out of every five years.  But the SEC might view the word “primary” in a different way.  The league might simply guarantee something like three out of five years or six out of 10.  You better believe the SEC would still want maximum cash from any city trying to land three tourneys in five years, but that type of rotation would be far less sexy for a metropolis making a bid.

Looks like we’ll have to wait a while longer to find out what exactly what “primary” means to Slive and the SEC’s presidents.




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