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SEC Headlines 5/30/2013

headlines-thuSEC Football

1. Based in part on input from fans, renovations at Vanderbilt Stadium could expand capacity to about 50,000. 

2. Five different quarterbacks will compete for the starting job at Auburn. “All five seem to have drawbacks.”

3. One of those quarterbacks is freshman Jeremy Johnson.  Will he also play basketball for the Tigers?

4. Kevin Scarbinsky on Phillip Ely’s decision at Alabama to transfer:  ”It’s not surprising that an Alabama quarterback would leave. Saban’s one-voice philosophy for the program carries over to the quarterback position.”

5. Saban and Florida assistant Tim Davis haven’t spoken since “the devil himself” comments, according to Florida coach Will Muschamp: Not at this point. We’ve moved forward.” Georgia Diaz: “PC Police win again.”

6. Any changes to the SEC schedule will not impact Florida – Florida State, but don’t expect to see Florida-Miami (after this year).  A.D. Jeremy Foley: “You never say never. But that’s not high on the agenda right now.”

7. Tennessee at Oregon will kickoff at 3:30 Eastern Time.  The game on ESPN will mark Butch Jones national debut as Tennessee coach and his first road game with the Vols. Breakdown of Tennessee schedule.

8. Why Georgia running back Todd Gurley is so important to the Bulldogs.  ”Gurley is a game-changer.”

9. Ole Miss list of early enrollees released. The five-stars have arrived.

10. South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier honored as “Great Floridian” today.

SEC Spring Meetings

11. Are the SEC and college football doing enough about head injuries?  Steve Spurrier: “I think we’re doing a lot, just like the NFL has. We also have to be careful about not allowing blows around the knees.”

12. Missouri coach Gary Pinkel on the new rule that would allow officials to eject players who target and hit defenseless players above the shoulders. “I’m all for it…We gotta protect kids.”

13. Alabama A.D. Bill Battle on the challenges of selecting four teams for college football’s playoff.  ”The fourth team is going to be the challenge, deciding between the fourth, fifth and sixth for who should be the fourth.”

14. Who will serve on the playoff committee? Florida A.D. Jeremy Foley:  ”People who are willing to put the time in. This will be to me a very labor-intensive exercise.” Deadline to select nominees is Friday.

15. Dennis Dodd on Nick Saban: “It’s been open season on the best coach in the game this year which only reinforces … that he is the best coach in the game.”

16. The age of social media has coaches more aware of what they say – even it’s just a joke.  Georgia coach Mark Richt: ”I think it’s sad that you can’t go to your whatever clubs and just have a little fun and get everybody to get a good laugh.”

17. Did Spurrier get the memo?  “They (Georgia)  were close to winning it all and got clobbered at our place.”

SEC Network

18. Mark Bradley: “You didn’t think the SEC Network would come without a cost, did you?”

19. SEC Network programming ideas – what about late night with Les? “LSU coach Les Miles waxes rhapsodic on the news of the day, then sits down with celebrity guests to discuss their latest projects.”

20. Will the SEC try to muzzle Paul Finebaum or his callers?  Mike Slive: ”I have a whole year to think about that. I don’t have to worry about that now.” The MrSEC view.

21. How will the SEC Network cover recruiting?  ”It’s going to be big, but we have to be careful on it, too.”

SEC Basketball

22. The idea of a stronger non-conference schedule is starting to sink in among SEC coaches.  Anthony Grant: “This is really helpful, these meetings here this week… in terms of what we need to do to improve the perception and the results at the end of the day for our league.”

23. Auburn has submitted its 2013-2014 schedule to the league office to review.  A.D. Jay Jacobs: ”We submitted ours for next year, and I asked them in there today, they told me they’re going to get back to me pretty quickly.”

24. Florida hopes to find out in the next few weeks if star recruit Chris Walker will be eligible.

25. Why did Devon Walker decide to leave Florida only to change his mind a week later? Coach Billy Donovan: ”I think for him you’re having to answer to so many people, your family, your friends and am I in the right situation and you start to doubt and worry.”

26. This mock draft has both Nerlens Noel and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope going to Cleveland.


27. Former Tennessee volleyball player on the backlash at Rutgers over the hiring of Julie Hermann: “This reflects worse on Rutgers than it does on Julie.”

28. Rutgers paid a firm $70,00 to do the background check on Hermann.

29. Are Memphis Grizzlies fans overly tense because of the Martin Luther King assassination?

30. Hey college athlete – don’t even think about washing your car with university water.  

31. The Bill Parcells’ coaching tree includes a few SEC names.

32. The evolving media world – Chicago Sun-Times lays off entire photo staff.  Reporters will be shooting with their phones.




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