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SEC Headlines 5/25/2013

headlines-saturdaySEC Football

1. Noon game-time for Florida-Miami on September 7 and Mike Bianchi doesn’t like it.  ”What is this – Kentucky-Vandy on Jefferson-Pilot or Duke-Wake Forest on Raycom?”

2. Miami A.D.  Blake James: “We requested and lobbied ESPN for an evening slot for the game…Unfortunately, they were unable to accommodate.”

3. The move to eight-man officiating crews in the SEC could be permanent in 2014.

4. SEC officials using an ejection at the Auburn spring game as a teaching tool.

5. Which SEC teams face the most difficult three-game stretches this fall?

6. Ethics complaint filed in Alabama. Booster doesn’t like public officials getting football tickets without donations.

7. Auburn defensive line coach Rodney Garner on defensive tackle Gabe Wright: “You know, mentally he’s a white-collar guy, but playing defensive tackle in the SEC, you’ve got to be a blue-collar guy.”

8. Ole Miss defensive tackle Carlton Martin needs to step up his game if he wants to see more playing time this fall.

9. Average GPA for Tennessee football in the spring semester was 2.8

10. SEC domination Part 1.  Five of the Top 10 Heisman candidates in this list from SEC.

11. SEC domination Part 2.  On this list of the eight most entertaining assistant coaches on Twitter – six of them are in the SEC.

12. Tony Barnhart on ending permanent crossover rivalries: “I don’t think LSU and the other schools that support this position will win this debate.”

13. MrSEC’s view: “Shortsightedness is not an asset when it comes to running a conference.”

SEC Basketball

12. Fifth straight year for  No. 1 ranked recruiting class for John Calipari at Kentucky.




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