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Saban Bangs The Drum For A 9-Game SEC Schedule

gfx - they said itCredit Nick Saban for putting what’s best for the SEC above his own self-interests.  As the reigning king of the conference, Saban would be wise to push for the status quo on the scheduling front.  Why touch the poles when all the plates are spinning?

But Alabama’s coach believes a nine-game schedule is what’s best for the SEC, not necessarily himself.  Today in Destin he made that point strongly:


“If you look at it through a straw and how it affects you and you’re self-absorbed about it, nobody’s going to be for it.  I shouldn’t be for it.  We have a better chance to be successful if we don’t do it.  But I think it’s best for the game and the league…

One of these days (fans are) going to quit coming to games.  Everyone is going to say, ‘Why aren’t you coming to the games?’  Well, if you play somebody good, they’ll come to the games.”


Man, it sure is refreshing to see an SEC coach show some courage by saying, “Bring ‘em on.”



Saban's view is even more selfless when you consider Alabama's only loss was to A&M after the emotionally and physically draining win over LSU.  Going to a 9 game schedule doesn't just mean replacing an easy game with a tougher one.  It means the overall season, week to week, would be tougher.  A team isn't just more likely to lose that added game.  It is more likely to lose other games on the schedule as well.


Great first step suggestion by Saban. Let's hope Alabama shows the way for the rest of the league and schedules more high quality non-conference opponents, too. No school should need more than one paid for win per year. You get better playing better opponents.


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