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Richt Confirms UGA Safety Harvey-Clemons Will Miss Opener

mrsec-breaking-newsSpeaking from Destin, Florida and the SEC spring meetings, Mark Richt has confirmed that starting safety Josh Harvey-Clemons will not be on the field for Georgia’s season-opening game at Clemson.  Harvey-Clemons was caught smoking marijuana in a UGA dorm room on May 15th.

Georgia’s drug policy requires a first-offender to miss 10% of his team’s competitions.  Richt addressed the matter today, but he didn’t say much:


“Here’s what I’ll say on that: Josh Harvey-Clemons is going to miss the first game of the season.  That’s all I’m going to say.”


Harvey-Clemson — a rising sophomore — played in eight of Georgia’s 14 games last season.



He should have went to South Carolina and asked for the Garcia Defense. Or LSU and Asked for the Honey Badger Defense. Mess around at Georgia or Kentucky and pay the price. There should be a conference wide drug policy.


10% of 12 games would be 1.2 games right? So he should miss part of the UGA/SCar game right? Want to place bets on if he starts against SCar?

John at MrSEC
John at MrSEC moderator


I hope you're kidding.  Georgia's drug policy is the stiffest in the SEC.  And I don't think anyone in the country would suspend someone for 12 minutes of a game.

Again, I really hope you're kidding.

Thanks for reading the site,



@John at MrSEC @mb6783  I wasn't trying to imply that UGA didn't have a stiff policy. Just that the whole 10% thing seems silly. Why not just say 1 game on the first offense. 

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