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Offseason Game Of “He Said/He Said” Continues With Tide’s Saban And Dawgs’ Grantham

thats-what-he-saidWe’re halfway through May and already the offseason nonsense has begun.  When there’s nothing to report, media members — who have to fill space for you in some fashion — ask coaches for comments (or hang out a booster luncheons hoping to overhear comments).  Any comment that could possibly be considered inflammatory goes national.  Then other media members fan out trying to get reactions to that comment from the coaches they cover.  Once other coaches respond, you start to get responses to those responses.

Case in point, Florida offensive line coach Tim Davis calls Alabama coach Nick Saban “the devil himself” to a booster club, it goes national, ESPN’s Mark May blasts Davis, and eventually Saban and Will Muschamp will be forced to comment.

Another example?  Last week Oklahoma’s Bob Stoops said the SEC ain’t all that because it’s 7th-through-14th place teams weren’t as good last year as the Big XII’s 7th-through-10th teams.  Saban responded that the SEC is strong, but he has great respect for the Big XII.  Kansas’ Charlie Weis then backed Stoops.

So… Saban was, of course, asked about Weis’ comment.  Saban’s response was basically the same: “We’ve got a good league, I respect the Big XII, yada yada yada.”  (And no, we didn’t yada yada over the best part.)

Well, yesterday we told you that Florida’s Muschamp had told a Gator fan club that Georgia’s two-game win streak over Georgia would be shortlived.  Oh, no, he didn’t!

Right on cue, fiery Georgia defensive coordinator Todd Grantham was asked for a response.  Grantham — like Saban regarding the Big XII chatter — refused to take the bait, however:


“I mean, you know, what do you expect him to say at a Gator function?  Will’s a guy that I know personally.  I think he’s done a great job at Florida.  I think he’s very competitive as we all are as coaches.  He’s a guy that wants to win.  I think he’s just really trying to fire up the people in Jacksonville.”


Gotta love the silly season.  Oh, well.  At least it beats writing about player arrests.  (Knock on wood.)



OK John now you've went and done it. Spurrier will wake up now.

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