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New $1 Billion Home Of The SEC Championship Game Pure Sci-Fi

The Atlanta Falcons and the city of Atlanta reached an agreement in March that will lead to the building of a new $1 billion stadium in the heart of the city.  Yesterday, renderings of a pair of designs for the retractable roof stadium hit the internet.  And, boy, did they make a splash.








Photo #2 looks like an opened flower, or perhaps a partially-peeled Vidalia onion, which would be appropriate.

If you haven’t guessed it, the “oculus” in the middle of the field is the retractable roof part.






The other possibility — though it seems rather quaint compared to the “Logan’s Run” dome above — is for a concept called “The Solarium.”




According to a report by the Georgia World Congress Center, whichever design gets the nod, the stadium will feature “impact seating.”  You know what impact seating is, don’t you?  It’s a chairback seat that vibrates when players collide on the field.

In addition, IMAX-style screens are to be located above the seating areas — take that, Jerry Jones — to create “football in the round,” a 360-degree immersion into the game.

You can find a video run-through of the designs right here.

We bring you this update on the Falcons’ stadium because the new venue is all but guaranteed to become home to the SEC Championship Game each December, too.  And if you’re already chomping at the bit to see SEC football played in a building better suited for a game of “Triad,” you only have to wait until 2017.


War of the Gods Triad Battlestar Galactica



Love it, but guessing it will not look like this when all is said and done. 


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