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Missouri Coach Haith On SEC Network: “Huge, Huge Plus For Us”

gfx - they said itSEC football coaches aren’t the only ones looking forward to using the SEC Network as a recruiting tool.  SEC basketball coaches are also anxiously awaiting the August 2014 debut of the network.  In a wide-ranging interview at the Columbia Daily Tribune, Missouri basketball coach Frank Haith sounded euphoric about the partnership between the SEC and ESPN.


“It’s huge. We’re going to still get on our national TV stuff, but I think the fact that you’ve got ESPN tied to the network … I mean, there’s other networks out there, but none of them have ESPN tied into it, and I think from a recruiting standpoint, we recruit nationally anyway, but now you’ve got this extra piece saying, “Hey, regardless of where we go recruit your kid, you’re going to see them play on TV. You’re going to see pretty much every one of their games.” I think that’s a huge, huge thing. I’m always thinking recruiting. I think it’s a huge, huge plus for us.”


Haith also opened up on a variety of other topics:

* Is he preparing for his June meeting with the NCAA?


I’m not preparing for that. There’s nothing to prepare for.”


* Earlier start to practice in the fall.


I applaud the NCAA. They’ve made some really good (changes).”


* The number of transfers and the culture of college basketball today.


“We live in a microwave society in general. Everybody wants things quick. But in college basketball it’s at another level, and you see kids moving all the time”


* Difference in style of play between Big 12 and SEC


“Our league was way more physical than our league was in the Big 12. Way more physical.”


Asked about a disappointing second season in Columbia after a thirty-win first year at Mizzou, Haith said, “This team personnel-wise could have been better.”  He said it wasn’t though, citing things like inconsistent play, injuries, toughness, chemistry and defense.  ”That’s a challenge for us as a coaching staff, holding guys accountable. It all starts out front. If we don’t have great consistency guarding the ball out front, we’re going to get broken down in the paint. And that’s what happened with this team. We weren’t consistent in guarding the ball out front, and that really hurt our defense.”



It appears Coach Haith believes regardless of the penalty that he has backing and will be the Tigers head coach. I applaud Mike Alden et al for standing behind him. (assuming the NCAA would have the audacity to still give him one after the botched investigation, the lack of any proof and the purposeful "leak" that thrust him unfairly into a negative light w/o the ability to defend himself or risk "violating" the expectation of not revealing any information about the investigation...wait, why is he still being charged? Oh yeah, by gum, need to prove they have not wasted time/money so stick him with something/amything)


@buddha22 The whole thing is now a joke.  Hey, Frank you are in trouble for not keeping control of your house.  How did we catch you?  Rogue actions by the investigators!  Wow what audacity.



Hey Nevin. Do they have good Internet access at your white collar prison?  

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