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Little Support For A Uniform SEC Drug Policy

Urine SampleOne of the few surprises to come out of this week’s SEC meetings in Destin is the discussion of a league-wide drug policy.  No other conference has one.  And while SEC leaders have mulled over the idea in the past, it’s never gained enough traction to be adopted.

According to Nick Saban, the SEC’s coaches don’t want to turn over their individual drug policies to the league office:


“I think it was pretty unanimous that we’d all like to handle our drug and alcohol situations in-house.  We all have policies in place… I’m for continuing to have the same kind of program that we’ve had, and not change it because somebody else wants to make it something that the SEC does — which I don’t even think the SEC wants to do.  I don’t want to speak for them, but I don’t see a lot of support for it.”


Perhaps not.  But the topic is back on the agenda for some reason.

Georgia — which has arguably the toughest drug policy in the conference — has been trying to rally support for a uniform policy all week.  We happen to believe they’re wise to do so.

But this idea has been 86′d by the SEC’s presidents at least twice before.  And Coaches, ADs and many of the same presidents say they’re not interested in doing an about-face on the issue.

So there’s really only one way this thing passes and that’s if Mike Slive puts his full weight behind it.  If he believes its in the best long-term interest of the Southeastern Conference — and if he can convince the league’s presidents of that fact — then the SEC will adopt a standard drug policy.  Too bad then that no one expects Slive to make such a push.  At least not tomorrow.



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