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Kansas’ Weis Backs Stoops’ Criticism Of SEC

charlie-weis-smile-uf-presserBob Stoops coached in the SEC many moons ago, when the league was dominated annually by Florida and Tennessee.  So last week when he said the SEC’s repuation as a strong league was a product of “propaganda,” it was easy to say he didn’t know what he was talking about.

But Charlie Weis coached in the SEC in 2011.  He knows the current slobber-knockin’ SEC.  And the Kansas head coach — who like Stoops served as an assistant at Florida — agrees that the SEC ain’t all it’s cracked up to be:


“Do you know the stats?  In the SEC, the record of the good guys and the bad guys?

… I’m just sayin’, you look at the bottom of our league and the bottom of their league, just going based off the numbers, there’s validity in what he said.  I’m just going based off the numbers, I mean, I’m a numbers guy.  Just based off the numbers, you’d have to say (Stoops) has got a point.”


Apparently the argument that the good guys and bad guys are worlds apart is based on the fact that the top six teams in the SEC went 30-0 against the bottom eight teams in the league last year.  And, yep, that’s a pretty ugly nugget for the bottom eight teams to have to swallow.

But in how many leagues can you talk about a “top six?”

The Big Ten over the past decade has basically had Ohio State on top.  Southern Cal and Oregon have owned the Pac-12.  In the Big XII, the league title has gone to Texas or Oklahoma every year since 2004.  By comparison, the SEC hasn’t had a repeat champion since 1998.

Just last season the SEC finished the year with five teams ranked in the top 10 of the AP Poll.  The Pac-12 had two teams.  The Big Ten had one.  The ACC had one.  Notre Dame was also in the top 10.  No Big XII team finished in the AP top 10.

In the Big XII’s case, was that a product of uber-parity or the lack of nationally-strong teams up top?  In the SEC’s case, was the domination at the top due to a weak bottom of the league or superior talent among the frontrunners?  Seven consecutive BCS championships would suggest it had more to do with the strength at the top than weakness at the bottom.

A quick scan of both leagues’ records against the remaining “big five” conferences (plus Notre Dame) shows that Big XII teams went 9-5 against the big boys in 2012 for a .642 winning percentage.  The SEC went 13-6 against teams from the ACC, Big Ten, Big XII, and Pac-12 (plus Notre Dame) for a winning percentage of .684.

But this argument isn’t about numbers.  It’s about SEC fatigue.  Everyone outside the SEC is tired of hearing how strong the conference is – they probably shouldn’t listen to NFL GMs — and they’ll look for any possible excuse to run down the league that’s run up seven BCS titles in a row.

Even if it means coaches from a two-team league attacking a conference that’s only six teams deep.

Get used to it.  As long as the SEC is winning, this talk will continue.  And once the SEC finally loses a national championship game, the “I told ya so” chorus will be deafening.  Be prepared.




This from a guy that has made millions in college football for basically doing nothing. Look at the difference at Notre Dame with Brian Kelly and look at the offense of Florida last year compared to his only year at Florida in 2011. When I heard Kansas was hiring him and passing over Phillip Fulmer I just smiled and said they will regret doing so. I stand by my statement.


I'm happy Charlie Weis is at kU....

He made me what I am today - a wealthy HC in a BCS Conference, (which I owe in part to my MAC program slapping that inept jawhawk "team" around) ...I'm going to do him the favor of scheduling kU every chance I get at NC St

You tell like you see it Charlie! (and remember, you're team is always welcome in Raleigh in Sept)


Dave Doeren, Former HC at No Illinois & Dominitor of kU


The SEC doesn't have any teams as remotely bad as Kansas has become.  Weis should worry about winning a conference game... while Stoops needs to worry about actually living up to 1/2 the hype that his program seems to always get going into every season. 

The SEC is top heavy for sure... but imho... in many years, the #4, 5, or even 6 team in the SEC is better than the #1 team in most other major conferences.  For example, I'd say that UGA, UF, USCe, Bama, LSU, and A&M were all better in '12 than ANY team in the Big 12.  Some say that A&M's success is proof the SEC is over-rated, but the fact that A&M easily handled OU in the bowl game is proof the Ags have just gotten that much better. 


It's sad when someone takes pride in mediocrity.  The Sooners aren't as strong as they think and t.u. is stuck in a rut of sub-par performances.  So instead of owning up to the faults of their top teams, they are taking pride in their parity.  Basically, "Our conference is so strong top to bottom, there's not much difference between one and eight or nine."  When A&M was in the Big 12, I knew the SEC was far better.  It's obvious.  I was just happy that the Big 12 was stronger than the ACC so I could give friends on Tobacco Road grief.  Obviously, saying my conference is better than the ACC is pretty pathetic.  Glad we're in the conference of champions now.


Charlie Weis is one of the worst coaches in the NCAA.  The fact that he said the SEC isn't so special is essentially proof of the opposite.


This story just proves why the SEC Schools stand together. It's us against the world mentality. Weis should worry more about weight watchers and "maybe" winning a few games in the Big 12 - 2 before taking on the big boys.

MoKelly1 1 Like

It is just simply a fact that the team/league on top is always a lightning rod for complaints. Always. No one ever talks about anyone if they are not on top.

It's when people stop talking about you that you should be worried.

So, keep the comments coming other Conferences!


Charlie's bottom weighs more than the bottom six teams in the SEC.

GeoffDawg 1 Like

Considering his pathetic production while OC at Florida, you'd have to classify this as an extremely self-deprecating comment.


Charlie might be better served worrying about how to improve on 1-11 than about the strength of the 'bottom' of the SEC

WillieT 1 Like

Let's see, oh yea, Charlie Weis. Looser @ Notre Dame, Looser @ Florida, Last I heard, Looser @ Kansas..

At least Bob Stoops has a winning record as a head coach. I have respect for Bob Stoops and can appreciate what he said. The truth is, the traditional cellar-dwellers in the SEC aren't any better than the best teams in any other league.

Isn't that what he said?

Charlie couldn't hack it @ ND and was looking for a way outta Gainsville before getting canned when Kansas came calling. Bet the AD at UK would like to have that one back...

annatrefz 1 Like

Pretty sure most of the "bottom" SEC teams have AT LEAST won a game in the league in the past 2 years Coach Weis (since you're a numbers guy and all)! 


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