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Georgia President: Fans “Tired Of Seeing Two Or Three Really Poor Games Per Year”

8 or 9Eight conference games for the SEC or nine?  That’s a question that keeps getting asked and as outgoing Georgia president Michael Adams concedes,  there is a  ”a lot of motion in the direction of nine games right now.”

Adams doesn’t step down from his post until the end of June so he’ll be a voting member at the SEC meetings later this month in Destin. He told Seth Emerson of the Macon Telegraph Friday he’s still undecided on the issue but says fan influence could push the SEC to a nine-game schedule.  


“I think ultimately what will win out is fans are properly tired of seeing two or three really poor games per year. I do get concerned about the impact of more SEC games on the student-athlete. And one of the reasons I think we’ve been successful thus far in holding to an eight-game schedule is that. But I think a lot of the motion is in the direction of nine games right now.”


When something gets added, something gets lost.  For Georgia, nine conference games plus the annual Georgia Tech game would mean a marquee matchup like the one against Clemson to open the 2013 season would get sacrificed.


My own personal opinion is the games like the Clemson game will go away. And frankly that’s okay. If the trade-off is another SEC game or the Clemson game, I think that’s an okay trade-off. But if you go to nine games, and you play Tech, I don’t think those 11 or 12th games are likely against Clemson or Ohio State, for that matter.”


The Big Ten is moving to a nine-game conference schedule starting in 2016.  As we wrote earlier this week, sooner or later, the SEC is headed in the same direction.




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